I Need A Hero | Your Savior Is You

I need a hero.  Your savior is you.

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Your Savior Is You | Self Help

When we come to realize it is ourselves that has kept us from our own greatness we then take action.  When we come to understand we are the hero we’ve been in search of we stand.  We rise.  We get ready to meet the challenge and the occasion with clarity.  We can intuit the path ahead.  We have now, what has eluded us.

We are the hero of our own story.  We will do the saving.  We will be the mighty iron presence we need. We will choose to end the struggle. We will lift ourselves up and be the hero who will save us.  Let me be my own saving grace.  It is only I who can save I.  No other can save me and be there for me and show up for me as powerfully as only I can.

Who else will save my very own soul from despair?  There is no one who knows my pain and understands my pain. No one in my circumference who has the strength to endure what I’ve endured.  Who among us has the capacity to live in the pain I’ve lived in? Who has the ability to shed the tears I’ve shed?  How long before the warrior in me is acknowledged for the strength and endurance?  For the mighty heart that has forged ahead. Who will come and rescue me from the hurt and the hindrances that have kept me down?

Who will lead me to the narrow path that will take me out into the valley uphill through the dark forest I’ve sat in for these many years?  Who around me has the conscience to know this?  Who in my world is intuitive enough to know the pain inside me?

No-one.  No one around me, close to me, near me or at any distance knows my pain.  It is only I who knows and feels my pain.  The excruciating pain I feel inside my heart no one knows.  It is only I who can save me.  Only I can rescue I.  It is, no one, but me who will rise to the occasion and save me from my pain.  Only I will be my own hero.

Be your own hero.

your savior is you

Listen to your self-talk. Catch yourself. Have self-empathy. Sit in self-reflection. Hear your self. Listen.

Go inside and be with your thoughts. Sit in self-reflection. Learn the beautiful art of self-reflection and self-inquiry. See how you do. Continue on your beautiful journey as the seeker you are.

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I Need A Hero | Your Savior Is You




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