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Tired of feeling unheard, misunderstood and defeated? Want to build deeper bonds, build more meaningful relationships, eradicate the struggle? I can help. 

SURE, YOU *COULD* keep doing what you're doing. 

But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works and what doesn't.

Well let me tell you because I do this for a living. I've helped countless people just like you move past the drama, let go of conflict, reconcile and learn to have more powerful dialogue. I can help you go from feeling stuck in conflict, unheard, hurt and resentful to deepening your bonds with each and every person around you. It's hard to imagine when you're so used to the surface level stuff, but what I teach works and will have you showing up in a whole new way. When our dialogue gets deep so does life in the most profound and magical ways. Cut to the chase with yourself and those around you. You owe it to yourself to have a more enriching experience in this incarnation. 

real results

"Sue helped me reconcile with my mother. We hadn't talked in 12 years.  Her training changed my life. We are closer now than we've ever been."

We had so much conflict in the past I didn't even know where to start. I didn't know I could forgive or that she could forgive, but after learning from Sue's method it was easier than I ever imagined. I see myself, my world and everyone in it in a whole new way now. I feel so lucky to have found her. 

- christine, florist


"I never knew how great it could be working with someone who actually gets it. Sue really gets it.

Her teaching will help you understand your situation in a whole new way. You will be able to see what you are doing that is not helping and how by seeing it in a new way you can respond in a new way and show up in a whole new way. 

- monique, model




Are you going in circles without direction just hoping it will all end some day?

tried & tested method

I teach people a new way of seeing and being that is a tried and tested game changer.

actionable results

Once you see you cannot unsee and once your life begins heading in this other transformative direction there is no turning back. 

let's be real.

no one wants to feel stuck & resentful forever

Being stuck is just that. It's a cycle you can't break. It's a habitual way of being that will have you doing the same thing, feeling the same way, resenting the same people, crying the same tears and just beating your head against the wall. It doesn't have to be so hard? There is a better way. Let me show you. 

What if you didn't have to stay stuck? What if you had a sweet and wonderful solution that met all your needs? What if it was super amazing and INCREDIBLE?



Let go of the struggle and resolve conflict. 


Forgive & reconcile old hurts and wounds. 


Learn a new more powerful way to show up in the world with each and every person.


Ready to take your experience in this incarnation to a whole new level. 

this is for you.

"Sue is a true teacher. She has a gift. She has the experience and the deeper awareness to help us see even the hardest things in a whole new way.  

- SYDNEY L, wife, mother, boss



Free Training

Jam packed with actionable insights, tips and tricks


Applicable Tips

Change how you show up and see it right now with the free training.


Butt-Kicking Freedom

Liberate yourself from the monotony of this headache. Learn something new. Try a new approach. Let me break it down for you. 

I'm a communications expert, mindfulness trainer and energy worker.  


My background speaks for itself. I incorporate all of my years of multi-disciplinary expertise as a network tv journalist, as a mindfulness teacher and an energy worker into a powerful method that offers expansive awareness around you and your ability to take your communication to the Next Level.  I help you to see it all in a whole new way.  


You're Someone Who Needs A New Way.

You've tried everything. What you're doing is just nat working. Things seem to be escalating. You're ready to just walk away from it all and give up completely. You don't see a better way, but you've come to the right place cause there is a better way. 

Use a new lens. get a whole new kind of picture.

With this program / service:


+ see it in a new way

+ be able to respond in a new way

+ go deeper with all of those around you

+ alleviate conflict and drama

want something like that?

let's do this thing →

Sue's training helped me and my  husband end seven years of bickering and conflict. 

SHE'S heaven sent.

- joanie T, educator, wife, dog mom



I can't wait to help you level up _____. Send over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward. 




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