Collective Healing | America In Therapy With Phyllis Leavitt

So it’s no wonder the idea of the nation needing collective healing is on the table. That’s exactly what we need as a country. America In Therapy is a call for us to heal collectively from all of the hatred and violence in our nation. America In Therapy is also the title of the latest book out this spring by author Phyllis Leavitt.

America In Therapy

Phyllis is not only an author, but a psychotherapist of more than 30 years. She believes that we are in dire need of healing as a whole. She says that we are hurting and suffering from a severe mental health crisis as a nation.

She believes the country collectively needs more love, more nurturing and more care to come together. She proposes government and other leaders bring in mediators to learn powerful ways of coming together to set an example for awakening a deeper understanding across the table.

The way it’s been going is simply not been working. I resonate deeply with Phyllis’ calling to bring in more love and compassion for one another.

I had an incredibly insightful conversation with Phyllis on the podcast. She had so much wisdom and love centered guidance that we could all learn from and take with us to do better in our own personal lives and collectively with all of those around us. Phyllis believes we need to heal as a collective because a few of us here and there, doing the inner work can have impact, but minimal. It’s when we all recognize the profound and dire need for healing the nation only then will we begin to truly heal and come together in power and in unity.

America In Therapy

To listen in to Episode #182 America In Therapy With Phyllis Leavitt click below.

To learn more about Phyllis Leavitt and her work including her other books you can visit her website here.

Her latest book America In Therapy will be out in the spring of 2024. I will be having Phyllis join me again for another conversation on the podcast.

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Collective Healing | America In Therapy With Phyllis Leavitt

America In Therapy



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