3 Best Writing Tips With Author Alka Joshi

Alka Joshi is a best selling author. I mean she’s like big time. She’s the author of the Henna Artist and has seen enormous success with the book. I am an avid reader and am not saying this just because she happened to be a guest on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast, but because she truly is a phenom at her craft. I read the Henna Artist and to my delight the writing was exceptional.

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Alka Joshi Is A Master At Her Craft

Her attention to detail. Her ability to extract intricacy of feelings and emotions on to the page with such vividness left me in sheer awe of her writing. Her attention to detail and overwhelmingly descriptive scenes leave little to the imagination.

She tells me she’s had a few careers and while she always wanted to be an artist she went off and did a series of other things before returning to her first love art.

However the art she makes now is not the art she had envisioned herself crafting. The canvas has been traded in for paper or virtual paper and her paint brush swapped out for a pen or a keyboard and off she goes to paint magical tales of colorful delight and tender words that lure the reader into some other fantastical world and tale from a different time.

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My 3 Favorite Writing Tips From Best Selling Author Alka Joshi

So of course I had dozens of questions for her, but the obvious was some practical tips and guidance she may be able to offer to aspiring writers.

And it’s no surprise she was locked and loaded with tips so I had to decipher and pull out my favorite 3 of the lot and here’s what we’ve got for all of those aspirational novelists who are itching to write and write well.

  • Pull the reader in – so what exactly Alka shares is the art. Get creative with the storytelling. Give detail description of the scene, the characters. Describe the surroundings. What is the character wearing. How does she feel? What does she see? What is happening in her life? How is her character developing and changing throughout the story.
  • Read A lot
  • Have someone check your work

For more writing tips from author Alka Joshi be sure to tune into my interview with her on Episode #60 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast.

Alka’s Books + Other Books On Writing That I Love

So Alka is 3 Books Down now – all having received critical acclaim –

The Henna Artist

The Secret Keeper Of Jaipur

The Perfumist Of Paris

Here they are below if you’d like to purchase

And here a few more titles by writers on writing that I absolutely love. If you are looking to learn about the art of writing and how other successful writers go about it checkout the titles below.

Bird By Bird – Annie Lamont

Words Are My Matter

The Merry Heart: Reflections On Reading, Writing And The World Of Books

Checkout this previous post on the Science Behind Creativity.

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3 Best Writing Tips With Author Alka Joshi

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