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Blossom Your Awesome


I’m Sue Dhillon a writer, author, journalist, Mindfulness trainer, and energy worker. After a series of traumas I was forced inward and have spent more than two decades on a journey of self discovery. As a journalist I’ve spent a lifetime in inquiry of so many things always in search of answers. Come journey with me. I’m talking to incredible teachers, trainers and inspirational people with some awesome insights. My hope is that my journey to inquire, learn, grow, evolve and teach through my life’s work will leave you feeling moved and joyful in some way.

B.Y.A Podcast

The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast with me, your host brings you inspiration and incredible insights from awesome experts, teachers, authors, trainers and coaches. 

I’m having amazing conversations and authentic  exchanges. I am dedicated to bringing you wisdom, love and laughter with each and every episode. 


It’s in showing up in this way that we allow ascension of not only the conversation, but the connection. It can be so revelatory to just listen……. 

– Sue Dhillon (Heart To Heart)

LITE (Look Inside to Enlightenment) Mini Course

Learn the powerful process of Self-Inquiry. Going inward and finding the answers inside will be your greatest soul discovery.


Mindful Communication - Next Level Course

This is my signature communication course that will take your communication game to the next level.


Heart to Heart by Sue Dhillon

Heart To Heart: Ten Steps To Communicating Mindfully & Connecting Deeply is the ultimate step by step guide to mastering communication.


    Next Level Training

    I’ve taught countless people just like you to communicate powerfully. Mindful communication is the #1 way to communicate. We learn to listen better, receive better and show up with greater presence for those around us. We then apply the actionable steps that allow us to go deeper and elevate the dialogue. We no longer need to have surface level conversations and we inevitably deepen the bonds between us and all of those around us.

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    Sign up here for instant access to my Next Level Communication Training. This 35 minute free training session is jam packed with insights, information, tips and actionable steps for you to begin applying to your life right now. Click the button below and get instant access to the free training. 

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