Bounce Back Resilience Strategies: How To Bounce Back From Setbacks

Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs when we least expect it so it’s good to gain some bounce-back resilience strategies and learn how to make a comeback after setbacks. Whether it’s a career stumble, a relationship hiccup, or a personal disappointment, setbacks are an inevitable part of life. But there’s a silver lining: resilience—the ability to bounce back—is a skill we can all cultivate. Drawing inspiration from various resilience strategies, let’s explore how we can recover, rebuild, thrive, and make comebacks after setbacks.

bounce back resilience strategies

Understanding Resilience

Before diving into the how-tos, it’s essential to understand what resilience really means. Resilience isn’t about avoiding challenges or pretending everything is fine when it’s not. Resilience is about facing difficulties head-on, adapting to adversity, and emerging stronger. Think of it like a muscle: the more you work it, the stronger it gets.

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

The first step in bouncing back is to acknowledge your emotions. It’s okay to be upset, frustrated, or even angry when things go wrong. However, bottling up emotions can lead to more significant problems down the road. Let yourself grieve, cry, or vent. Remember, it’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a healthy part of the healing process to express how your feel.

2. Reframe the Narrative

Our perception of setbacks can majorly impact how we deal with them. Instead of seeing a setback as a failure, try to reframe it as an opportunity for learning and growth. Ask yourself: What can I learn from this experience? How can this make me stronger or wiser? Shifting your mindset in this way will turn a negative experience into a powerfully valuable lesson.

Personal Anecdote: Learning from Failure

I remember when I finally decided to leave the news business after 13 years. I had my heart set on this career path. Initially, I was devastated. But after some reflection, I realized that the years in the business had taught me so much about my strengths and weaknesses and I learned incredible skills I could take with me to build my own brand, business, podcast, and self-improvement space to help others. That hardship became a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block.

3. Set Realistic Goals

After a setback, it’s crucial to set realistic and achievable goals to regain momentum. Break down your larger objectives into smaller, manageable tasks. This not only makes the process less overwhelming but also gives you a sense of accomplishment as you tick off each task. Check out this post on self-care goals that will help you in all areas of life.

Example: Career Setback

Imagine you’ve been laid off. Instead of trying to land your dream job immediately, start by updating your resume, networking, and applying for jobs that are more in alignment with your skills. Remember: each step forward, no matter how small, is progress.

4. Build a Support System

A strong support network is key. Surround yourself with supportive friends, family, and colleagues who can offer encouragement and advice. Sometimes, just talking about your challenges can offer us perspectives and solutions. Don’t hesitate to seek out professional help if you need it. Therapists and counselors can offer valuable tools and techniques for building resilience. This post offers valuable tips for getting the right help – What Kind Of Therapist Do I Need?

5. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is a powerful tool for building resilience. Taking care of not just your mental health, but your physical and emotional health is so important. Take care of your body with nourishing foods, regular exercise, and enough sleep. Keep stress at bay with mindfulness or meditation. Remember, self-care isn’t selfish; it’s necessary for maintaining your overall well-being.

Personal Tip: Mindfulness

I have been practicing mindfulness for decades. It is my absolute go-to, especially during stressful times in life. Even just a few minutes of mindfulness a day can make a huge difference in how we handle stress and setbacks. Go deeper with my Trance Guided Meditation.

6. Stay Flexible

Life rarely goes as planned, and that’s okay. Being adaptable is a key component of bounce back resilience strategies. Instead of being too rigid in life and always sticking to the original plan, be open to new paths and opportunities that may unfold before you unexpectedly. Flexibility allows you to pivot when necessary and find alternative ways to get to your goals.

Example: Relationship Setback

If a relationship ends, it’s perfectly natural to feel lost. Instead of dwelling on what’s gone, focus on new activities or hobbies that bring joy and fulfillment. This will not only help you heal but also open doors to new connections and experiences.

7. Develop Problem-Solving Skills

When you’re up against a setback strong problem-solving skills can make a world of difference. Come at your problems methodically: identify the issue, brainstorm possible solutions, evaluate your options, and take action. A structured approach will help you feel more in control and less overwhelmed. For greater assistance when you’re stuck and struggling download my Ultimate Self-Inquisition Guide. It walks you through the powerful process of self-discovery.

Example: Financial Setback

If you’re dealing with a financial setback assess your current situation. List your expenses, identify areas where you can cut back, and explore additional income sources and opportunities. Taking proactive steps can alleviate stress and set you on the path to recovery.

8. Keep Perspective

When we’re in the heart of a setback, it’s easy to lose perspective. Remember, one setback doesn’t define you or your future. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Reflect on past challenges you’ve overcome and remind yourself of your strengths and achievements. You are strong and you will get through this.

Personal Reflection

Every time I’m up against a tough situation, I think back to a particularly difficult time in my life when I thought I’d never get through it. But I did. And when I sit in reflection of all I’ve been through and everything I’ve overcome I remember just how truly strong I am and how I can conquer anything and everything life throws at me.

9. Focus on What You Can Control

In any setback, there are elements you can control and those you can’t. Focus your energy on what you control. Trying to control the uncontrollable only leads to frustration and more challenges. By concentrating on what you can change, you empower yourself to take constructive action.

10. Embrace Change

Lastly, embrace change cause it’s a natural part of life. Every setback is an opportunity for growth and transformation. It might not feel like it at the moment, but often, setbacks push us in new directions that we might not have considered otherwise. And even better we end up happier and more in unison with life.

Example: Career Change

A friend of mine lost his job during Covid. It was tough and initially, he was depressed and down for days, but he quickly turned his frown upside down and used it as an opportunity to pursue his passion for writing and editing. Today, he runs a successful freelance business and is happier than ever.


So here’s the key takeaway – resilience isn’t about avoiding life’s inevitable challenges; it’s about facing them with courage and grace. By acknowledging your feelings, reframing setbacks, setting realistic goals, building a support system, practicing self-care, staying flexible, developing problem-solving skills, keeping perspective, focusing on what you can control, and embracing change, you can and will bounce back stronger than ever while perfecting your own bounce back resilience strategies.

Remember, setbacks are just setups for comebacks. Keep pushing forward — you got this!


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Bounce Back Resilience Strategies: How To Bounce Back From Setbacks

bounce back resilience strategies



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