9 Most Effective Mantras For Anxiety

We’ve all heard of mantras or at least most of us, but how do we apply them to real life situations like mantras for anxiety let’s say? Is that actually a thing?

It sure is. There are mantras for everything so let’s go over the 9 most effective mantras for anxiety.

These are extremely powerful and will most certainly ward off those pesky feelings of anxiousness.

Mantra For Anxiety

Here they are –

  1. I am calm
  2. I am love
  3. I breathe in love and I breathe out fear
  4. This moment is everything
  5. Love surrounds me
  6. I am joy
  7. I am whole
  8. I love being here in the now
  9. Solitude is my solace

Like anything in life it takes a little dedication and the energy of affirmations is rooted in belief. If you believe in the power of the affirmation to aid you it will. It’s like self-hypnosis. Expend this energy activating what the mantra is affirming and it will resonate with you deeply and you will being to feel the positive vibrations. Check out this previous post – 3 Secrets To Being An Energy Goddess

Be sure to check out my video below on Energy –

An Effective Resource For Anxiety

If you’re interested in learning more about online therapy, I recommend checking out BetterHelp. They offer online therapy sessions with licensed therapists at an affordable price point.

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Do Mantras Really Work?

Yes. If you can learn to be in the present and activate the energy of the mantra which can be done when we learn to be more present they offer great calm and a sense of relaxation. They affirm to the universe the frequency in which we are trying to resonate. They absolutely work, but like anything it requires a little commitment and belief in the power of it to actually work for you. If you are doubting they will work then they very well may not, but if you believe it’s possible and you stick with it for a couple of weeks you will begin to sense and feel their enormous positive vibration and resonance.

How Often Do I Need To Recite Them?

It’s up to you really. This is not set in stone and obviously each person is unique in what they want and what they need. At least once a day for a few minutes is recommended to get the most out of them, but some people just chant mantras sparingly in a moment of anxiousness or stress and that works perfectly fine. You will will find that the more you do it the greater the impact they will have and you will begin to feel the effects more greatly.

What If They Don’t Resonate For Me?

Well in that case the world is your oyster. You can make up your own mantra that does resonate for you. Tap into what you like and love. What gives you a sense of peace and joy? Perhaps there are other things that offer peace and calm for you like incense or candles. Add these to your quiet space and help activate the high vibration energy that surrounds you to bring in more calm and tranquility to the moment.

And remember if mantras aren’t your thing and you are still struggling to get your anxiety down then be sure to reach out for help. You are never alone. There are always people and resources that can help. The link above is a great place to start. You can start with an initial conversation or just get more information for yourself.


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9 Most Effective Mantras For Anxiety

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