Outside the Parameters – Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Outside the Parameters – Leaving Your Comfort Zone


Some of our greatest experiences, events, occurrences, revelations happen just outside of that unrelenting comfort zone.  We grip to it with everything we have.  So scared of our awesomeness.  It’s so awesome we’re left paralyzed with fear of how awesome.

We know what we’re capable of.  We just fear it so much.  We can’t be our own worst critic anymore.  We’ll have to own our stuff if we come out like that.  We’ll have to acknowledge our own greatness.  All of our stuff.  We’ll have to work on our ego and our insecurities.  We’ll be better for it and we’re capable of so much, but it’s all just so overwhelming.

Something we don’t ponder much, but so much of life hinges on this very ponderance.  What happens when we are on the edge, on the cusp of greatness, but scared of what’s on the other side. It’s right at the cusp that we come to discover ourselves in ways we’d not considered.

So many of us just stay in that place crippled with fear of what is possible. We live in the, “what if I fail” state rather the , “Let me fly,” state.

It’s all just a state.  What we perceive to believe we can achieve.  It’s that simple.

We are capable of anything, ANYTHING we put our minds to.  Anything.

That discomfort is a cluing you into the direction in which you should head.  If something feels exciting but scary than that is the thing we want to chase after.  It was something like this Rumi said.

That’s the thing we want to go after.

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Outside the Parameters – Leaving Your Comfort Zone

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