Deep Healing: How To Begin To Feel Whole Again

Deep healing takes time. When we are talking about traumas from childhood and other wounding that has been there and has gone unaddressed. I had a powerful conversation with Stacia Aashna. Stacia is an embodiment coach and shows people the way to go inward and feel with all of their being in order to release.

deep healing

Stacia has studied many modalities and works with them all to incorporate the ideal healing scenario based on the client’s individual needs.

Here are the best takeaways from episode #160 Deep Healing With Stacia Aashna on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast –

What Is Embodiment?

Sue: “Now talk to us about embodiment coach. Like what exactly does that entail?”

Stacia: “Yeah, I think, you know, and that’s a really great question because I was just at meditation retreat over the weekend talking to my meditation teacher about language and how these words are, like a word like embodiment is really a word to be experienced, right? Embodiment, what does that mean? That is an experience to have, is to really feel what it feels like to be embodied in yourself. And it’s one that I’m experiencing more and more of in my life as I continue on my own journey of really feeling what it feels like to be truly integrated and I guess to kind of give more structure to this idea. When we’re going through life, we inherit a whole set of beliefs about who we are and that starts from the time you’re born. All of us get that, right? I sometimes I say in hypnosis, you’ve been hypnotized since birth, right? You were given a whole set of beliefs about who you are, what you can accomplish, and a lot of that is helpful and then some of it is just not and really gets in the way and it slows you down.

And some of it is a lot of narrative that’s just been passed down over generations.

Inheriting Trauma And The Role Of Deep Healing In Acknowledging

Stacia goes on to say, “We also inherit things like generational trauma. In IFS, we call it legacy burdens. And that stuff gets embedded in your psyche. And some of that just doesn’t really work for you and yet you still carry it because we don’t really, you know, we don’t teach kids and even adults how to really deal with this stuff. You have to go and seek out help to really find the solution to become a more integrated and authentic person. So there’s all of that, there’s all of the beliefs about who you are, much of which doesn’t really work for you. And then there’s also trauma. And trauma, what happens is people tend to disintegrate. It’s like we break apart and we often leave pieces of ourselves in the past. Then there are parts of us that get stuck and are frozen in time. And that’s why we relive a lot of those patterns. from childhood where we feel like things aren’t changing. Why do I keep on dating people who are, remind me of my father who did this thing to me? It’s like, why can’t I overcome that? Well, it might be that there is actually a part of you that is frozen in time that hasn’t really integrated into the present moment that is still believing that you are five years old or 10 years old. And embodiment is about bringing those aspects of yourself into the present and really like embodying them into the present moment, into the conscious, into consciousness.”

Why We Need Deep Healing For Our Childhood Traumas

Stacia says we need deep healing in order to move past the unhealed part of ourselves. We are not taught to heal or that we even need to be healed. It’s only when the pain of trauma surfaces that we can acknowledge and begin to do the inner work around that.

She also believes that many people cannot afford the treatment they need by being able to turn to a therapist or life coach or healer. However she does remind everyone that there are plenty of resources out there, “there are wonderful resources, too. There’s all kinds of books with the information that’s available to us today. There’s podcasts like What You’re Doing Here. and books and YouTube videos and so many resources. Any of these modalities that I’ve been talking about here today, internal family systems, somatic experiencing and hypnosis, there’s tons of free material just for people to start to dive in.”

A Great Resource For Deep Healing Is Therapy

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Deep Healing: How To Begin To Feel Whole Again

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