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Next Level Mindful Communication is my signature training. After having spent more than a decade as a network journalist and now host, Mindfulness Trainer and energy worker I've incorporated my years of expertise in mindfulness with my deeper understanding of communication. I teach you how to show up in ways that elevate the dialogue, take your communication the next level and change the game. Go deeper with all of those around you by learning the #1 way to communicate with anyone and everyone in your world. 

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I'm an avid writer as you know and that came with my avid reading. I'm putting down anywhere from 1-2 books a week and I'm laying down here for you some of my greatest takeaways from my reading with my own writing.

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Heart to heart

This book was born from a deep space of inquiry after years of struggle. It was written with the sincere hope of helping, touching your soul and offering hope to those who find themselves in that space.

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My favorite things and topics all in one place for you. I'm bringing you self improvement hacks, wellness tips, mindfulness guidance, resources, and some of the most powerful takeaways from the podcast. 

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the detailed guidance to get you there - one actionable step at a time. 

this workbook will have you going deep and getting contemplative 

it's possible and this is what we explore every day on the blossom your awesome podcast. We are taking a deep dive into human potential.

journey with me while I inquire, ask hard questions and gain real insights with each and every episode.

food for thought with each conversation. invocation of ideas. evocation of emotions. That's my m.o.

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I'm Sue Dhillon

As a writer I'm not only always doing the obvious, but reading, learning, exploring and expanding my own awareness so I can be learned and bring you awesomeness on a regular basis.

Let's journey together. I'm suggesting books, self improvement hacks, along with health and wellness guidance. I'm talking to amazing people each week on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast and I'm sharing wisdom from my reading, research and powerful conversations and bringing you incredible insights. 

writer, journalist, trainer, energy worker, host of the blossom your awesome podcast


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Download the free mini self inquiry course and go deeper with the process of self inquiry. 


This guided meditation will help you tap into a greater sense of presence and self awareness. Click the arrow and get ready to go deep. 


check out the latest from the blog. all things mindfulness, self improvement, and write ups from the podcast with my very own best takeaways.

It's in showing up in this way that we allow ascension of not only the conversation, but the connection.

It can be so revelatory to just listen"

- Sue dhillon, heart to heart

"Loving every little minute of this precious life. And I'm absolutely loving bringing you a brand new episode of the blossom your awesome podcast monday through friday. Yep. That's right we're doing 5 episodes a week. be sure to listen and leave a comment or a review. It means so much to me. Loving the feedback and being able to bring you experts, teachers, trainer, authors and industry leaders to give you a little dose of magical insights each week to blossom your awesome."

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Inquisition will be 
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Get started now for free with my signature offering. The Ultimate Self Inquiry Guide. Yours for free. 

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heart to heart: 10 Steps To Communicating mindfully and connecting deeply

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The fastest growing inspirational podcast. We talk about health and wellness, mindfulness and all things related to blossoming your inner awesome. 

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New episodes drop twice weekly. I've got awesome experts, teachers, trainers with powerful insights offering practical guidance and actionable tips. 

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Ep. 39

Intrinsic Self Worth With Katherine Jansen-Byrkit

Ep. 60

Ep. 120

Ep. 9

Compassionate Listening With Susan Partnow

Creativity And Success With Alka Joshi

Men + Relations With Dr. Avrum Weiss

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Listen in or read the latest posts for my favorite takeaways from each Blossom Your Awesome Podcast episode. I break it down and make it easy for you to get a takeaway or two. 

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Blossom Your Awesome Podcast

ep. 163

ep. 160

ep. 19

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Restorative Communication With Lisa Hancock

Finding Peace With Bill Belanger

With Katherine Jansen-Byrkit

Compassionate Listening
With Susan Partnow 

With Dr. Daniel Winkle

Incredible insights on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast where I talk to authors, teachers, trainers, doctors, experts and healers who have a lot of powerful wisdom to share. 

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Raw and real - the Next Level Communication Training will have you leveling up your communication game in ways you'd never imagined.


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My courses are a cut above the rest. We go deep into inner journeying and soul work. The learning is contemplative and truly life changing. Mindful communication will have you showing up in a whole new way. It's transformational and will put you on a trajectory to awesomeness.

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The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast is the place to find inspiration, insights, guidance and some pretty awesome contemplative takeaways. I'm on a mission to support awakening to a more loving, more expansive, more visceral existence with experts, authors, trainers bringing you magical insights and practical tips and guidance. Love the podcast? That's awesome of course. Sign up for bonus content reserved for my BYA tribe only or just click below and listen in. 

ep. 19 - wakefulness 


ep. 9 - compassionate listening


ep. 7 - mindfulness with Dr. Dan


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