Digital Nomading | The Do’s And Don’ts

Digital Nomading has become more and more popular over the years especially in recent years since more and more people have taken on the idea of working remotely. And now with internet abuzz with content creators and new social media platforms, tools and apps popping up making it even easier to be a content creator it’s really hit an all time high in popularity. Digital nomads are all over the place living in fine destinations, galavanting around living lives of freedom and liberation, on the road, in exotic lands, writing and creating, filming and teaching from seaside retreats and cliffside escapes.

Digital Nomading

On episode #254 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast I’m joined by Austin and Monica Mangelson to learn from Digital Nomads the do’s and don’ts of living all over the world as a digital nomad.

Austin and Monica Mangelson share their journey as digital nomads and how they transitioned from virtual assistants to coaching others. They discuss the importance of empathy and relationships in business and the misconceptions about the digital nomad lifestyle. They offer advice for those interested in becoming digital nomads and emphasize the need to be intentional and surround yourself with the right people. They also share their favorite travel adventures and their plans for the future.


  • Take the time to think about what you really want in life and work towards it.
  • Surround yourself with the right people who support and inspire you.
  • Challenge the myths and misconceptions about the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • Overcome fear by taking small steps and experiencing new things.
  • Embrace the opportunities for personal growth and learning while traveling.

To learn more about Austin and Monica click here.

Sound Bites


00:00 Introduction

00:42 Meeting and College Years

04:11 Transition to Coaching

06:53 Starting as Virtual Assistants

08:16 Mistakes Made in the Beginning

10:41 Traveling as an Education

14:03 Impact on Relationship

23:07 Myths about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

25:56 Overcoming Fear and Taking the First Step

27:03 Favorite Travel Adventure

32:36 Future Plans

36:36 Closing Thoughts

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Digital Nomading | The Do’s And Don’ts

Digital Nomading



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