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The Comeback is about my incredible conversation with Marcia Moran. It’s episode #73 on the Blossom Your Awesome podcast.

I talk to Marcia Moran, a stroke survivor with an incredible comeback story that is truly inspiring and needs to be shared.

She was given a not so promising prognosis by doctors and she took it upon herself to find the answers to her own healing and recovery. She began searching high and low for alternative methods of healing and things outside of western medicine began to work.

And while I have immense belief in the power of eastern medicine and alternative medicine I also believe in the power of our minds to believe that healing is possible.

Marcia had to learn to eat, walk and talk again.

I believe her own will to not give up – this is her mantra = Never Give Up is what brought her back to wholeness.

I know it was this that was the greatest attributing factor to her recovery.

We hear stories all of the time about people with dire prognosis and limited hope for what a full recovery may or may not look like.

And we can’t really blame western physicians because you only know what you know. Their training is limited. All they know and understand is the science behind western medicine.

Few western M.D.’s have any knowledge of other medicine that has the enormous potential just as much as pharmaceuticals and treatments offered in the west to heal patients back to wholeness.

One such M.D. is Dr. Lisa Rankin. She wrote a prolific and gripping book called Sacred Medicine. It truly is eye opening for those in the west, especially as M.D. she began to lean into the idea of alternative medicine, energy medicine and miracle healings that she simply could not discredit.

Sure science is science, but there are substantive evidentiary truths that are beyond science and the proof is in the pudding.

Some Guidance Marcia Offers For Being Your Own Health Advocate

  1. Always ask questions – Dig deeper – there is more information. There are more answers. Keep asking until you feel satisfied and if you don’t feel satisfied then go elsewhere. Find a new doctor and keep working to get the information you need. No one is going to do it for you. You must be your own advocate when it comes to your health.
  2. Trust Yourself – Don’t settle for responses from Doctors that don’t resonate with you – if you feel like the answer is not enough then trust what you feel. Trust your own intuitive self. Trust that your heart, mind and spirit have an intuitive compass that guides you. If you are giving a prognosis of recovery that doesn’t feel right – or if something feels off inside – if you heart rejects the prognosis – go with that feeling. That’s your intuition telling you there’s more to discover.
  3. Never stop searching and looking for alternative means of healing – There are always answers. When you explore and do your research you will find the answers you seek. If you intuitively feel it’s not right and doesn’t resonate for you then you have to keep looking and exploring.

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The Comeback | Be Your Own Health Advocate

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