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Spiritual decor entails so many things, but what are the absolute must haves. What is the best spiritual decor? Well let’s break it down with our favorite spiritual decor items.

If you’re anything like me I already know you’re spiritual. Hence you are here. So what would setting your room up for spirituality look like? What is the hottest spiritual decor.

Let’s start with some of my favorite ideas – That would entail the first order of business in the spiritual sense.

We would have to start in the most obvious place – yes. You guessed it – shrines!

Spiritual Decor – You Must Have A Shrine

What is your idea of an awesome shrine? Let me break this down for you cause I have a few different shrines set up in a few different locations.

While a shrine can mean different things to different people a shrine is generally a sacred space that is set up for things you love. A writer’s desk could be her shrine as is very much the case for me as far as one of my shrines.

An artist’s work bench could be his shrine or a lover of baseball could have a wall dedicated to his passion as a shrine.

For more however a shrine generally entails a space to sit and contemplate, meditate and pray even to my Guruji’s.

So in that bent first and foremost a shrine would entail my spiritual prayer space of some sort.

The images below offer suggestions of a vast array of objects that would be perfect for any shrine.

So with the notion of a shrine a sacred space would very well include a prayer pillow like this one.

Better yet, I absolutely love this floor seat.

If you like to sit back and lean to pray or take in a few minutes of quietude in your perfectly curated spiritual space then this is the ultimate right here in spiritual decor.

Floor chairs and mats are the ideal set up for a spiritual space in your house. While you might not be on the grass or in the dirt grounding, it’s still very grounding to sit down low on in bajhrasan as they call it in Sanskrit.

And for this – here is something I’m absolutely obsessed with – click here for details.

Then next up we’d have some have some smudging sticks. Those are essential to clearing the energy in the room and creating the optimal high vibration sacred space.

Some of my faves are sold right here in our boutique – these by Sacred Sunday for $12.

My Favorite Smudge Stick

Or there’s these – The Palo Santo Floral Bundle With Selenite for $24. Also sold right here in the boutique.

Palo Santo Floral Bundle With Selenite

While this is not a smudge stick it is a high vibration wand that is magical and mystical and will help lighten the energy and bring love and tranquility into the space with a few waves here and a circular wave there. Wave it as you wish. It’s got a powerful frequency nonetheless.

Framed photos of my Guru-ji’s and fresh flowers, vases, a candle bowl and more.

An altar is an awesome way to create a spiritual vibe. It’s an essential for your

Generally a small prayer table or cabinet will suffice. Here’s one I really like worth a glance.

Spiritual Decor

Spiritual Decor can be so many things depending on your every own aesthetic. You can have crystals and flowers, spiritual teachings, spiritual maps and renderings, dream catchers.

Lighting candles and incense, smudging to clear energy in a spiritual room would be par for the course. Crystals are powerful spiritual tools to help you get your spiritual space dialed in.

Religious books, pictures, prayers beads, all would be ideal for your spiritual space depending on what resonates for you.

Spiritual Decor To Consider When Setting Up Your Space

There are so many ways to set up a sacred space. One of the first things every spiritual space needs is a shrine of sorts. So this could entail a mantle or table of some kind as a pivotal focus point.

I would line this area up with any or if it were me – ALL of the following

  • Candles
  • Pictures of your Gurujis, Angels, Spirit Guides – this is where you get to make it your very own
  • Incense
  • Crystals
  • Prayer Beads
  • Holy Water – Get this from your local temple or priest, where ever you deem fit.
  • Fresh Flowers – your local small independent florist is always good to support or a flower market
  • Sometimes fruit – locally grown produce is encouraged always, but if not hit up Safeway or Von’s
  • A little transmitter, Bose or whatever you prefer playing bhajan, kirtan, shabad or chants
I do like how this looks. 
Spiritual decor also could include floor pillows, mirrors, wall hangings, dream catchers, lights, candles and candle holders, incense holders, holy water canisters, holy water sippers, crosses, etc.....

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?

Most people see the word “spirituality” and think of religion, but spirituality is so much more than that. Spirituality is the connection between ourselves and the universe, or whatever higher power we believe in. It can be a way to find peace and connect with something larger than ourselves. For some, spirituality is a lifelong journey, while others may find what they need within themselves without needing to look any further. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, it’s important to explore what spirituality means to you and how it makes you feel. We are all looking for answers and spirituality seems to be one of the greatest ways to find the answers to life that many of seek. 

It seems we are all searching for meaning and spiritual practice could be the best way to find that. Read the entire post here.
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