Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow Review, Facts + Benefits

You know what they say, “A Quiet Mind Cures All” and that’s exactly what the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow can do for you. Ok so I’m no stranger to insomnia and actually I’ve befriended it in recent months or years let’s say. Yes years. I’m 30 years into my insomnia journey and I recently discovered a few tools that have been helping me catch a few more z’s. First I came upon a weighted blanket. I had never heard of it and then of course I had to get one and I was all in, but it’s different then my new found love. It’s weighted, but not like my blanket, it’s a pillow. A weighted pillow, but not for your head. It’s for your body. It’s Quiet Mind, the original weighted pillow and I personally can attest, it’s a game changer.

What Is The Quiet Mind

So what is Quiet Mind? How Does It Work? Who thought of it? Where did this concept come from? Let’s break it down –

Quiet Mind also known as The Original Weighted Pillow™ is a wellness brand that offers innovative solutions for people with anxiety, stress, insomnia, even things like ADHD and loneliness too.

Quiet Mind is the perfect alternative to weighted blankets, but it’s a pillow and even better it’s big ball of love or essentially a hug. And it will hug you back so essentially it’s like a de-stress ball for your body. 

Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

How Does It Work?

Now here’s where we get to geek out on the science stuff. The Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow uses the science of Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). DPS offers us the same emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits of a weighted blanket, without the uncomfortable things like overheating, feeling trapped, or its lack of portability, i.e., getting it around. Quiet Mind is the perfect alternative cause it’s compact and ultra-soft and plush.

According to Founder + CEO Mikey Goldman, who struggled with ADHD and anxiety for years, “A quiet mind cures all.”

The hug you’ve been waiting for!

Science Backed Benefits Of The Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

  • Rooted in Science + Proven Wellness Benefits – Without Side Effects
    • Quiet Mind has been proven to offer benefits for greater wellness without any side effects which is kind of optimal. When you need an extra boost of calm it’s the ideal go to, a pillow to hold and hug. The ultimate goal when under stress is to Quiet Mind your mind of course and with the Quite Mind Pillow you can rest assured the – the internal monologue pauses, mental imagery fades to black, the heart rate slows, and your brain and body have the ability to reset with ease.
    • Science of Peaceful Pressure: Quiet Mind has applied the same science and benefits of a weighted blanket, but even better because it’s compact and convenient. Take your pillow with you anytime, anywhere. Weighted wellness products use a therapy called Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) that exerts pressure on the body. This allows your nervous system to shift from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (rest and digest). DPS has been proven to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain (associated with peace, happiness, and calm) while reducing cortisol (the stress hormone). DPS also increases Melatonin production which is known to aid in sleep regulation. 
    • Science of a Good Hug: Now here’s where it gets really good, unlike weighted blankets, Quiet Mind’s Original Weighted Pillow is huggable and this in and of itself offers added relaxation benefits. Hugging releases the hormone oxytocin (known as the love drug), which plays a role in social bonding, slows down the heart rate, and reduces stress and anxiety levels. What happens is the weight of the pillow hugs you back and this produces endorphins that help relieve stress and cultivates feelings of euphoria.
    • Reliable Relief, Without Side Effects: You can always count on your new favorite hug. Quiet Mind provides simple, reliable relief to common disorders like ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, and stress – without side effects, wherever you go.
  • Meticulously Designed for Particular Sensory Needs
    • Weighted blankets don’t work for everyone. The Quiet Mind Original Weighted Pillow™ was meticulously designed over the course of 2 years and 25+ iterations to find solutions to the discomfort that keeps people from reaping the benefits of weighted blanket technology like overheating, claustrophobia, and other components of the weighted blanket that just don’t jive with everyone. 
    • Maximum Comfort: Comfort is key. Way less restrictive than a blanket, The Quiet Mind Pillow sits comfortably on your lap or chest, slim and compact enough to wrap your arms around and give it a good squeeze, without being too small to feel the contents of its interior. The Quiet Mind Pillow keeps you in mind never constricting movement or airflow, and will not have you feeling stuck or claustrophobic.
    • Premium Materials, Made to Last: The patent-pending pillow is constructed with premium shredded foam that is squeezable with strategically distributed weight from glass beads so subtle, you’ll barely feel a thing. And get this its ultra-soft poly shell is machine washable for easy maintenance. 
    • Soft-as-Hell: Softness to the tilt The Quiet Mind Pillow shell is made from an ultra-soft poly fabric that acts as yet another mechanism for you to feel calm – ideal for those with heightened sensory needs. The Quiet Mind team tested “a million” fabrics to find the right shell to make the pillow truly unique. Users with sensory overload can rub the pillow and move their fingers through the plush texture for yet another way to calm their nervous system. Now that’s pretty spectacular.
  • Unmatched Convenience – Portable + Compact
    • Just when you didn’t think it could get any cooler, unlike a weighted blanket, you can use your Quiet Mind Pillow at work, in the car, in bed while you’re sleeping, on the sofa… and anywhere else you might need a boost of calm. 
  • Tool for Unlocking Potential
    • Tap into your inner greatness and that inner genius with a Quiet Mind. When our minds have a chance to rest from overstimulation, we have far greater access to our true potential. The Quiet Mind Pillow helps you achieve a state of calm and balance your nervous system for greater mental clarity. 
    • ADHD: By activating the sense of touch, weighted products keep an ADHD mind from becoming distracted by other sensory stimuli like sounds and other audible distractions – resulting in improved attention and focus, ability to remain on-task, and experience body calmness (no fidgeting). When an ADHD brain gains clarity amidst the choas that’s when the magic happens. 
    • Anxiety: Feel less anxious. The pressure of weighted products puts your autonomic nervous system into “rest” mode and reduces some of the symptoms of anxiety, like a racing heart rate or fast breathing. 
    • Sleep: The pressure of weighted products releases melatonin which helps your nervous system prepare for sleep and slow your heart rate down so your body is able to focus on falling asleep faster and with greater ease.
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder: The pressure from weighted products can help provide comfort from feeling over-stimulated and allow those with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) relax and feel more calm. 
  • Loneliness
  • It’s more than a pillow! The Quiet Mind pillow can feel like a “companion” because of its compact size and ease of use. You can travel with it, and easily move it around the house and always be at the ready to increase calm and focus.

Review: My Own Experience With Quiet Mind

So I was so excited to get my hands and hugs on the quiet mind and let me tell you it did not disappoint. I’m hooked. It’s the most huggable and cozy thing I have. The weighted feel absolutely offers comfort and support and has a way of offering calm and ease. It absolutely quiets the mind.

I’ve struggled with insomnia for decades so I can speak to this and the enormous comfort it has offered me. I’ve written about insomnia extensively including this other awesome tool I love for getting a good night of sleep here and watch my short video here. I just finished treatment with the Stanford Sleep Treatment Center, Yes that Stanford for my 30 year battle with insomnia.

What I can tell you is The Quiet Mind is an incredible tool if you struggle with insomnia, anxiety or other issues. It truly does offer comfort and feels very supportive.

I’ve recently partnered up with Quiet Mind and I have a special offer for you. Use my link in the post and code Blossom15 for 15%off your Quiet Mind and get to relaxing. I must confess it is truly lovable and very huggable.

Thank you for reading and supporting my work.

Checkout my other posts below for more tips to helping you with insomnia along with other wellness insights.


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