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What Is Karma

Fix your karma! Well what is Karma you might be asking? Let’s start there. Karma is sort of a payback, but depending on how deep you want to go it could even be residual from past lives. So essentially it’s a repercussion of sorts. You get what you give. Or whatever you do good or bad comes back to you. This is the simplest way to define it.

In many of the first religions of the world in the east, Hinduism, being the oldest religion in the world in which the idea of a holy trinity was born and bread for other religions as well Hindus believe in reincarnation. This is also the case for Buddhism which too is one of the oldest religions pre-dating Christianity by thousands of year.

In these earlier religions things we experience in this life could actually be karmic payback from things we’ve done in past lives. So it’s not just in this moment. Our karma may come back to haunt us in different incarnation in the future.

A hypothetical scenario would suggest that if you rob from people in one life you may come back as a beggar in another. Or if you betray a lover in one life you could struggle to find a good love in the next. These are just potential scenarios for how karma may present itself beyond just the here and now.

We’ve all heard the quote, “payback is a bitch.” Not sure who said, but that’s one that essentially is a referencing karma.

Spiritual Empowerment

How Do You Fix Your Karma

So in order to fix you Karma you want to learn, grow and evolve. You want to do good things. You want to be good to the people around you. But it’s not just about that. There’s more to it.

For spiritual seekers an those on a path to spiritual enlightenment, um yeah, like yours truly, i.e. me I want to be learning and growing and evolving.

I do believe in reincarnation and it is my sincere belief that every challenge and struggle in this life is an opportunity for soul growth and soul evolution.

The ultimate for me or those who believe in reincarnation is not just finite heaven or hell. It’s an idea of not ever coming back here and escaping the wheel of rebirth.

3 Steps To Take Right Now To Begin Fixing Your Karma

3 Steps you can take to fix your karma right now

  • Start going inward more with yourself. Contemplated deeply on the challenges in your life. If you feel challenged in life don’t just imagine yourself as a victim. Consider why this happened to you and if there’s a deeper lesson in it. If there are struggles in your life go deeper with those and contemplate why they may be presenting themselves and if perhaps there is some karma tied up to them and of course there is, but ultimately that is up to each one of us to figure out. So think about it and try to evaluate for yourself if there’s a lesson in it. Download my Ultimate Self Inquisition Guide to help you go deeper.
  • Start sitting in silence because it helps immensely. Learning to sit in silence will allow you a sense of deeper clarity around your struggles and challenges. Silence allows us to hear what we cannot in the noise. Check out this previous post for some insights for beginning meditation and check out the mindfulness page for even more. Or listen to my deep trance guided meditation here if you are ready to take the plunge and go super deep.
  • Get into a nature. The most enlightened souls in the world and all sadhus and yogis who attained enlightenment were in nature or in a cave. They were in a remote natural space that helps awaken the senses. Some of the greatest writers of all time also write prolifically about the power of nature and hence why so many writers retreat to nature to crank of some of their most prolific writing. Check out this post here on transcendence with nature or watch my story with on Forest Bathing to see how you can get the most of your next nature hike and the proper way to forest bathe.

Most Powerful Lessons On Karma From Karma Master Dr. Lynn

Listen in to my conversation with Karma Master Dr. Lynn here

Dr. Lynn believes it’s necessary for us to be working on our karma in each and every incarnation. She says if we don’t work on it now the lessons will continue to repeat. 

Here are the most powerful takeaways from my conversation with Dr. Lynn. 

I asked Dr. Lynn how we start awakening to a deeper understanding in life? 

People usually come with a psychical ailment. The body is very dumb and it’s very smart. You can feel the aches and pains in your body and it’s a message. The body’s sending you a message.”

SD: “How do we start recognizing those messages and figure it out on a soul level?”

Dr. Lynn: “Well it goes back to awareness and understanding that your soul is your essence. That’s who you are. Everything in the universe has an essence…….you have to kind of pearl back all of that and figure out who you are and that’s what lead me down the pathway of karma and studying karma and practicing. I found it to be a very practical tool to help me figure out why I was really here and what this is all about.”

SD:”What is really all about?”

Dr. Lynn: “It’s all about learning your lessons. It’s all about the ability to stand back and observe. And I’ll give you an example, let’s say in karma what we teach is that there are four great passions that affect all of us. Everything comes from these four great passions and one of them is anger. So let’s say you land on this earth and you’re constantly in this turmoil of anger. It keeps popping up either in people or in relationships or within your self and that is your primary emotion that karma says you gotta work that while you’re here. So you can continue to be angry and angry and let that fly up and you’re angry person and that’s your karma and that’s how you’re going to live your life, but when you become aware of it…”


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