Adult ADHD With Dr. Dara Abraham

Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD is one of those mental health ailments that gets overlooked because of our own presumptions. It gets traded in for terms like stress and anxiety when really it is a disorder that hinders your ability to fully function and show up in life all in and present. It also gets overlooked cause it’s most often associated with young people and adolescence.

Do you throw that term around loosely and can you think of a few friends, a family member or two a couple of colleagues who perhaps you’ve self diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? They just seem frazzled, can’t focus, can’t listen, can’t hold a conversation.

We see these people has hyper, hyper vigilant, not settled. One of the most prevalent traits is the inability to listen.

They just talk and can never ever listen.

If you want to learn more and get the details on the signs and symptoms to be looking out for, if you think you may or a loved one may be suffering from depressing or a mental disorder listen in to my enlightening conversation with Dr. Dara Abraham.

Listen In To Leading Expert On Adult ADHD Dr. Dara Abraham

I had the pleasure of talking to Psychiatrist Dr. Dara Abraham on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast.

Dr. Dara is a leading expert in Adult ADHD. She herself was diagnosed with ADHD as she was going through medical school.

adult ADHD

She was stressed. Hard pressed to focus to get through all of the schooling, but just couldn’t focus and then she found out to her surprise that she was being diagnosed with Adult ADHD.

It’s a subject or diagnosis that seems to be formidably allocated to children or teens. However in recent years with the spike of apps, technology overwhelm, anxiety and mental health unseemingly beginning to take center stage ADD and ADHD are terms that are being tossed around loosely. We refer to things in life and difficult scenarios as if they are just stressful situations that are not actual disorders, but they are actual disorders with real symptoms that can cause real problems for people in life.

One in four adults suffers from a mental condition or diagnosable disorder of some sort. And those numbers only seem to be rising according to National Institute Of Health.


A Powerful Resource If You Think You Are Suffering From A Mental Disorder

Obviously you need a clinician to examine you and give you a clear diagnosis, but if you find yourself stressed and needing to talk to someone then you should without hesitation reach out and talk to someone.

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Adult ADHD With Dr. Dara Abraham




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