What You Allow Will Continue

What you allow will continue.

So let’s talk about this. I know it sounds counter intuitive. When I was younger people used to tell me, “people will do whatever you let them do to you.”

I didn’t understand what this meant. I wouldn’t just do stuff to people. I would never just abuse someone cause someone let me. I didn’t get it. It just didn’t register.

I was caught up in my own self and couldn’t see this objectively. I was including myself in this statement.

What You Will Allow Will Continue

However – this idea of “What You Will Allow Will Continue” has its roots in a philosophical perspective. Essentially it suggests the idea of permissiveness or tolerance. Meaning certain behavior and conditions will persist and continue in your life if you don’t address them and stand your ground.

A Deeper Understanding Of What You Will Allow

While the exact origin of this phrase is not a part of any specific philosophy, it embodies various schools of thought. Philosophically, this concept aligns with thoughts on ethics, morality, and social dynamics. It’s the idea that setting boundaries and having a certain level of standards is based on each person or society and this ends up playing a crucial role in shaping behavior and outcomes.

So essentially if certain actions or situations are tolerated or allowed without consequences, they likely will endure and possible even proliferate and persist.

From a moral standpoint, this raises questions about responsibility, accountability, and the role of authority in shaping a just and orderly society. It implies that we and the communities we live and the people around us all bear a certain degree of responsibility for the consequences of what we permit, allow or overlook.

In essence, the philosophical underpinning of “what you will allow will continue” suggests there is an interconnectedness of permissiveness and allowing, consequences to your passivity, and the inevitable continuation of certain behaviors and conditions.

So I encourage you to reflect on the choices you make in life. Consider why you tolerate some of what you tolerate especially if it is something that is displeasing or makes you feel less valued or upsets you in any way.

The choices we make and what we allow in life significantly impact the trajectory of where we are headed so let’s ensure we are making choices that makes us feel good and empowered.

I put together this short video as a little pep talk.

A Great Resource If You Want To Understand Why You Allow What You Do

You know I’ve been doing the soul work for more than two and half decades now. I’ve spent years going inward on a journey of self-discovery.

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What You Allow Will Continue

What You Will Allow Will Continue



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