Why I’m Talking About Mental Health More And You Should Too

So here’s the skinny on what’s up…..I’ve decided to go out on a limb and talk about mental health more. Well I’m not really going out on a limb, but I am going to be sharing more insights from conversations and reading I’m dong around the pertinent subject of mental health. I’ve decided I’m going to share more of my personal opinions and insights. It is my own blog after all and I think I’ve got a lot to bring to the table here.

mental health

I’m heartened first and foremost about the mental health conversation that is happening more and more in a myriad of spaces.

We are being more candid with it. We are more accepting and for those who are struggling they are more apt to share cause in general there is far less stigma around the subject.

So I’m wanting to share more about this because I never really understood mental health and the pervasive need to until I began having conversations on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast with therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists.

Then I come to find through a spontaneous investigative inquiry, well let’s just say I checked the analytics for the podcast and they were very telling.

I saw that an episode I had done on ADHD had been a very popular episode and one of my most downloaded of all time.

Listen in to that episode here –

This told me everything I needed to know. So as you know or I’ll take the liberty of assuming you know that my whole purpose of this site, my podcast and my writing (see more of my writing here) is to be insightful and hopefully delightful. As I like to say far too often I’m here to inquire and inspire. And I’ll add as I have in the past for the sake of redundancy I hope to provoke thought and evoke emotion. I find those are the best kinds of conversations and writing.

I’m here to help and I feel called to do so. I’ve felt this way for decades and that’s why I began as a journalist more than 20 years ago and have found myself asking questions ever since. I believe everyone has a story to tell and I love nothing more than learning those stories.

And I believe that from all of my questions over the years I’ve learned an incredible amount and am here to impart as much of that as I humanly can.

So my personal most obvious insight from all of these conversations that is not said enough is that it is my sincere hope those who are stuck and struggling find the help they need.

I think far too often people don’t realize how accessible the help is. And even more so I think people simply are too prideful or perhaps too ashamed to ask for help.

When really it’s just that simple.

So for those who are seeking know there is indeed help. It’s out there, but you have to ask.

A Great Resource If You Need Help

As you know I’m a huge proponent of Mental Wellness and ensuring we all get the help we need when we need it. And of course, I don’t want you just to get any help I want you to get the right help so I am now sponsored by BetterHelp. 

BetterHelp is the world’s largest therapy service, and it’s 100% online.

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Why I’m Talking About Mental Health More And You Should Too

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