Best Guided Meditation On Youtube

Sure we all turn to YouTube for guidance and self help tips.

One of the best things to find on YouTube is things like guided hypnotherapy tracks and guided meditations.

I meditate daily. I’ve learned from some of the greats in person and through my own research and training. I’ve learned kriya yoga through the Art of Living Foundation and have studied the philosophies and training through inner engineering with Sadhguru.

I understand the elements of entering a yogic state deeply through not only my own practice, but having grown up in house where my parents practiced yoga religiously.

And just so you know in India yoga is the beginning stage of meditation. Yogic sutras where what the yogis did in the beginning before beginning the true yoga which has turned into something completely different in the west, one by a way of lack of understanding of the true philosophy and ideology of yoga and two by way of people’s need to give information without a depth of understanding.

While in ritualistic paths there is no music and one has spent time entering into a yogic deep trance state through his or her yoga prior to going into a yogic meditative state there are things we’ve adapted in the west that can help the overactive mind to begin to still and silence.

There is no way to turn the mind off so let go of that ideology. It’s simply to slow the racing thoughts which physiologically happens on its own when we turn off all of the external stimuli.

Not to be coy here, but as a mindfulness trainer I’ve done some serious meditating over the years and have my very own offering. This is for the seeker who wants to go deep.

So if there’s something you have been holding on to or need healing around this guided mindfulness meditation is for you.

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The Best Meditation Essentials To Go With Your Guided Meditation

Here are some of my favorite absolute must haves for practicing mindfulness –

A backjack is essential for any serious meditator as it allows comfort and support for your back versus any meager attempts at going it alone and trying to sit on the floor while keeping you back straight. It is not good for your back for it to be slouching and also not conducive to being in a total relaxed state while learning to go deep within in and hold silence for extended periods.

Also ensuring you are not too hot and not too cold is another great way to ensure and promote extended bouts of holding silence.

For this I use the perfect meditation blanket –


While there are countless options to choose from I recommend you start with this one here – It’s my very own guided meditation for you for free. Click here to access it right now.

There are so many places to go to find meditation resources and guidance, but you have to start small and take it as it comes. Learn to be able to sit for just a few minutes a day and as you become more comfortable with sitting for longer periods you will find more of what is your type of guided meditation, what truly resonates for you. It’s all in the practice.


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Best Guided Meditation On Youtube

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