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ARRIVE UNGUARDED with an open heart,   Elevate the dialogue and have more meaningful conversation awakens deep  connection to others. the most magnificent exchanges happen when we show up in this way. learn how to let go of old hurts and wounds, resolve conflict and move powerfully with grace into the expanse of heartfelt communication that leaves you touched and moved deeply. Level up and take your communication to a whole new level.you will never see communication in the same way.  

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Mindfulness Techniques For Anxiety

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Mindfulness techniques for anxiety are a powerful way to alleviate stress. Meditation can help you feel more calm, more grounded, more centered. Entering this space of expansiveness offers peace and gets your mind chattering. Check out the post for the 3 Mindfulness Techniques I recommend for Anxiety. 

Have you always wanted to get started with the practice, but just don't know where to begin. You've heard all the myths about how hard it is to turn your brain off and stop thinking......

What Is Mindfulness?

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Talking Mindfulness

as you can imagine this is a topic that comes up a lot in conversations for me especially on the blossom your awesome podcast. listen in to my exchange on the mind, body, connection with dr. Dan. 

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listen in to my conversation with Dr.Daniel Winkle. Dr. Dan as I like to call him is an m.d. who works with post traumatic injury patients and incorporates energy healing into his work. He is certified by the center for mind body medicine and is an avid meditator. hear the exchange and tune in for our five minute guided meditation lead by dr. Dan on the Blossom your awesome podcast.

ep. 7 mindfulness with dr. dan

Conversations On Mindfulness

Yes! mindfulness is kind of my thing. not only am i practicing it, teaching, writing about, but I'm also talking about it on a fairly regular basis. The blossom your awesome podcast is a great place to get your mindfulness fix. many of the experts practice mindfulness and some of them are very well versed in and lead others into practice. to listen in to one of my most powerful conversations on mindfulness check out this episode with Dr. Daniel Winkle on mindfulness here. 

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My Manifesto:

“learn to go deeper so life can feel richer. bring your most heartfelt you to the fore.”

- Sue dhillon

Free Guided Meditations

a guided meditaiton can be a great way to start with meditation. it's effortless. just let the teacher guide you through it. in this case your teacher is me, yours truly, sue. download or listen in to one of my free guided meditations. 

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bliss guided meditation

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How Do I Get Started With Meditation?

meditation often gets a bad rap. so many myths around what meditation is and how to begin. mindfulness is the a powerful tool to enhance wellness and live optimally. it is truly a means of bringing in calm and allowing yourself to surrender and at the same time elevating your awareness. life becomes richer as we learn to live with greater presence. wanting to get started with mindfulness? start here.

mindfulness for beginners

What Is Mindful Communication?

mindful communication is the most powerful way to communicate with anyone in your world. it is the game changer when it comes to showing up with loved ones and in life. you don't have to have surface conversations. Level up and learn to go deeper with all of those around you. feel heard and get your message across. take your communication game to the next level. 

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The Best  Mindfulness Research

while mindfulness has been being researched for decades there is more scientific data than ever before showing the enormous physiological benefits of meditation.We want you to be sound in your understanding of why you should start to stop, sit and pause.

mindfulness research

Meet Sue!

I'm an avid writer and a voracious reader. I'm a former network tv journalist. I also happen to be the host of the fastest growing inspirational podcast - Blossom Your Awesome. I'm a practicing energy worker and Mindfulness Trainer. I've been called to teach, write, share, learn, grow and inspire. Join me! 


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