Work On Yourself And Activate Your True Potential With Alexis Alcala

Work on yourself and activate your true potential. That is Alexis Alcala’s message. Alexis is the founder of InnerCamp and a dedicated teacher of Breathwork, Bodywork, and Tantra.

He joins me on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #259 with great insights and practical tips.

Work On Yourself

Alexis Alcala, founder of InnerCamp, shares his journey of personal transformation through breathwork and holistic therapies. He discusses the power of breath work in healing and the different types of breathwork techniques and their benefits. Alexis emphasizes the importance of surrendering and being present in the body to access healing and expanded states of consciousness. He also highlights the impact of InnerCamp’s programs and online workshops in empowering individuals to become breathwork facilitators. Alexis shares his vision for the future, including bringing more science to their work and collaborating with universities for research. He encourages listeners to start with simple breathwork techniques to experience the transformative power of breath.

Work On Yourself

Takeaways For Activating Your True Potential

  • Breathwork is a powerful tool for healing and personal transformation.
  • Different types of breathwork techniques have specific benefits, such as energizing the body, improving sleep, accessing mystical experiences, and healing trauma.
  • Personal transformation is an ongoing journey, and it is important to embrace and accept one’s shadows and limitations.
  • Practicing breathwork and learning to breathe properly can have immediate positive effects on mental clarity, stress reduction, and overall well-being.
  • InnerCamp offers online programs and retreats that empower individuals to become breathwork facilitators and support their personal growth.
  • The future of InnerCamp involves expanding research and collaboration with universities to validate the effectiveness of their methods.

Sue (00:01.351)
Hi there, today on the show, we have got Alexis Alcala here with us all the way from Spain. I’m so honored and delighted to have you here. Welcome to the show.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (00:12.046)
Hello, so thank you for having me on the show. It’s a pleasure and I’m very looking forward to our conversation today.

Sue (00:17.991)
Oh, I’m so excited to have you here on the show with us sharing your wisdom and expertise, Alexis. So getting into some of the work you do, you are a breath work teacher, body work, tantra, you have a blend of somatic therapies that you use, including energy work, transpersonal psychology, and you take a holistic and transformative approach that promotes natural healing. And I love this, the awakening of our true potential. And you’re the founder of Inner Camp. You lead retreats and things, and you teach people and train people to become breathwork facilitators. So give us the backstory how you got into this line of work.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (01:06.158)
So everything started like more than 10 years ago. I was living in another country. I was living in Germany and I was working for big companies, for IT companies. And the society, you know, always told me that it was very important in order to be happy, to earn a lot of money and also to get promoted and to get like more and more promoted. And I thought always that happiness was about any more money, about getting promoted, about being the manager of managers. And then at some point I was that. I was earning a good salary. I was a manager, managing really a few millions of euros, budgets. I was managing many people and I had everything I thought it was enough to be happy, but I wasn’t happy, completely unhappy. I felt completely broken.

I felt like my life had no sense at all. So I didn’t have really a mission in my life and I was not able to sleep well. I was awake until 3, 4 a .m. every night. I was triggered by everything around me, my neighbors, any noise, anything that was happening in my environment. I also became like celiac. So I had a few diseases, different problems, digestive problems, because yeah, I said it to you like I was like exploding inside and somehow I felt all the explosion. I felt all this pain inside of me. And something that I realized is that I was completely disconnected from my body. So my body was asking me to stop. My body was asking me to change my life and to do something completely different. And I was not paying attention to my body. So I was only in my mind thinking, okay, what can I do now?

What can I do next? How can I be more ambitious? How can I earn more money? How can I get more promoted? And at some point I realized that I needed some support, some help. And I started to have therapy sessions. I started to try different holistic therapies. I started to also practice improvisation theater. reading many different things. And then at some point I was in a healing school in Thailand and someone told me, oh, you have to try breathwork.

And I thought, okay, breathwork, breathwork is just about breathing. So it’s like boring. I thought, okay, I’m gonna try because anyway, I wanted to try everything. And then I was in the middle of a class with 40, 50 people there yelling, crying. It was really wild, really crazy. And then suddenly I saw so much in this breath box session. I was able to see myself in my mom’s womb. I was able to see past memories. I was able to see traumas from the past. And in the same session, I was able to heal myself. I was able to release trauma.

Of course, I didn’t heal everything in one hour, but I was able to bring so much healing to my body and really feel the strong connection to my body. And this was the beginning for me of holistic therapies, of breath work, of body work. It was the first time that I really felt, it was the first time that I really felt like, hey, Life has something to offer and I can be happy. And from that, I started to study in different schools, different breathwork schools with different teachers. I started to also learn about bodywork, about somatic therapies, about Tantra. And I learned from many different sources, different countries, different continents. And I started to facilitate also to other people. I saw so much transformation in other people. I saw that people also were healing. And it was not so much about myself. I didn’t feel like, okay, I’m a guru or I’m like a healer, but I saw that my techniques, what I was teaching them was so powerful.

They were able to do all the healing by themselves in the bodies. And after a few years facilitating those therapies, those techniques, I decided to found Inricam in 2018. And then I started to facilitate those programs to people. We started to also teach people how to. bee facilitators, breath work, tantra, body work facilitators. And at the moment we have trained more than 2 ,000 people and we have really met many people, thousands of people in the world in retreats, in workshops. And it’s really great now that we see all the impact that we are doing in the world.

Now also at InterCam we are at on 20 people. So I’m not alone and I’m very lucky that I have really. and specialists and people who know a lot about bodywork as well. Sometimes they know more than me and it’s really great, a really great addition to what we are doing at Inner Camp. And yeah, this is the background on the story of what happened.

Sue (05:38.211)
Wow, that’s such a beautiful story. Now, let me ask you, so you know, when you first started doing the breath work and then you kind of learn to start healing yourself, then you kind of came up with your own techniques and things that you’re now teaching that worked for you and are working for other people.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (05:58.062)
Right, so I learned from different schools, I learned different techniques, and now what we teach is like a combination of different techniques that work better for, in general, for everyone. And it’s a mix of different techniques. We also combine bodywork and breathwork techniques also from Tantra, also from psychology. We have a research department. We created that research department in 2021, and this is a group of people who are auditing the programs who are… looking for new studies, doing research all the time. So we try to bring a lot of science.

So there is, when you come to UNRQAM, you see a lot of science in the programs. So it’s not only about, you know, mystical explanations to what is happening. It’s also what is really happening when we are breathing, what is happening in the science and the biochemistry, what is happening in the brain with the brain waves, what is happening in the, for example, in the respiratory system. So we try to explain what is happening and because there is so much information from science and sometimes what I saw and I didn’t really enjoy so much is that you are or spiritual or you like science and then you find that you try to find this the answers in science and what they try to do with inner chemists to combine the science and also the mystical and the alternative medicine, the alternative therapies. So it’s a combination because why to use We’re to be separate.

So science has done so much in the last years and lately we know much more about breath work, about body work, about how trauma is created in the body, is stuck in the body. So there is much more science right now about what we are doing. And it’s really great that we can be together and we can grow together and we can know more about what is really happening to the human being, right?

Sue (07:47.385)
And now, Alexis, so, you know, how is this different than just breath work? Like, can you give us a deeper understanding here? Like, what is happening when you’re working with people to kind of awaken the healing? What’s going on for people?

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (08:06.222)
So breathwork, depending on the breathwork style that you practice, it can have different results. For example, if you try breathwork more like Wim Hof, Wim Hof is very focused on energizing the body and feeling stronger. It’s for people who want to perform better at the sport, who want to exercise more, and they want to just become stronger. There are also people who use breathwork to sleep better, and they do some techniques before they go to bed, and they are going to sleep better, they’re going to fall asleep, and then they’re going to have insomnia.

There are people who use breath work to, for example, work with their own energy, with the life force energy. There are people who come to breath work because they want to have some mystical states similar to psychedelics, to ayahuasca, to mushrooms. And it’s possible, in breath work it’s possible to have those mystical experiences. So in these experiences you can see memories from the past, you can get insights. It’s like you get a lot of information. You can talk to people. It’s like, it’s very mystical, sounds like, wow, impossible. but it’s really happening during breath work. And in breath work, actually, whatever you need to feel is what you’re going to feel.

Sometimes people commonly say, you know what, I had asthma, and after a few sessions of breath work, I don’t have this situation, this disease anymore, so I’m not feeling like those limitations I had in the past with asthma, because asthma, you know, very often it’s coming from emotional issues from the past, very often from, for example, in the family, the parents got divorced. or any situations in the childhood. So very often we can heal those traumas around the childhood, around our, what we call developmental trauma. And then thanks to healing that, we can heal diseases. And we cannot say that breath work is healing this or that. And we will never say that because we are not doctors, but we can say that many people who are coming to breath work, they can heal diseases, they can heal symptoms. Many people who come to breath.

They say, oh, I had pain for 20 years and after just one breath box session, I don’t have the pain anymore. And things like that are happening. We can not really say, oh, if you come to breath work, we’re going to heal all your problems. It’s not, it’s not, it doesn’t work like that. But if you can to breath work, you might heal really many things. You can find your mission in life. You can know more about yourself. And sometimes it’s not really diseases and symptoms are coming because we are not listening to the body. And when we stop, when we do breath work, when we listen to the body, we can find out what is really causing the symptom or the diseases.

So it’s a really great support to you to access what we call our expanded state of consciousness. And expanding the state of consciousness is to you see more, is to see beyond, is to see beyond what we can see on a daily basis. On a daily basis, this is what we can see around us. And then it’s like very clear, very logical, but you know, it’s the same as, for example, people… who fast for 24, 48 hours, people who take psychedelics, people who don’t eat for 24 hours, who don’t sleep for 24 hours. So you access a non -multinational state of consciousness.

So you suddenly start seeing things in a different way. Of course, you might have some hallucinations and this is not maybe so right. Okay, and then you need to, afterwards you need to do some work and to try to understand what was real and what is not real. But at least you can access another dimension and you can see more about your life and you can learn more.

Sue (11:35.333)
Mm -hmm. Oh, this sounds so amazing. I’ve done some work like this, but really so, you know, like you were saying, because so often diseases and things, they happen because of stress and other things that we’re not acknowledging, right? And so really, you’re helping people clear, like, the blocks and things that are so, like you say, can see their true potential. That’s so amazing.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (12:02.862)
Yes. And we get many people also who say, hey, I was working with different techniques, with different therapies for 20 years and I felt like blocked. So I wasn’t able to see more, to see more. And we cannot say that this is better or is a replacement to therapy, to the cognitive therapy, to the talk therapy. We cannot say that because talk therapy is very important, but we can say that sometimes the combination of talk therapy together with breath work is very powerful.

Sue (12:04.911)
Yeah, well…

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (12:31.566)
because sometimes you get the stacks like hypnosis. So you can access an estate that you cannot access just by talking in a talk therapy. So we can learn more about ourselves and many traumas get stored in the body. So we can feel this in the body. And this is a really great opportunity to access this information that is there, that is in the body.

Sue (12:53.255)
So give us some, this is a personal question, Alexis, you know, for you, when you first did this, like, was it kind of an instantaneous, like, revelation you had, like, wow, this is out of this world? Was it like that for you or did it happen over time?

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (13:13.39)
Totally, it was absolutely like that. So it was the first time for me, it was… I cannot say that everyone who is coming to BreathWork the first time is going to have a so transformative experience because in that moment when I was living in Thailand, the environment helped me a lot. I was doing a lot of meditation, yoga, different practices. So I was really surrendering. When I went to the BreathWork session, I said, I don’t care about what is going to happen. I’m just going to relax here, I’m going to lie down, I’m going to breathe in the way they say. And then I will say what happens. Many people who come to breath work, they don’t do that. They are stressed.

They are coming with high expectations. And then when you are thinking and inspecting on a specific outcome, you are not going to find this outcome. So it’s very important that you surrender because it’s about connecting to your body. It’s what we call a somatic technique because it’s related to the body. So in my first time, in my first breath work session, I was able to surrender so much that they see I saw so much about my life. I was able to see problems from my past. I was able to see I had some issues with my brother. I was able to forgive my brother. I was able to improve the connection. Right now, for example, I can tell you that my relationship with my brother is much, much better than in the past before doing my first breath box session. I can even tell you that we work together.

So we are really like good friends right now. And before breath work, with breath work, I was able to see like, okay, what I’m doing. Why do I keep this rage or whatever I was keeping? And I was able to release that and to say, hey, no, it’s time to forgive, it’s time to accept, it’s time to move forward. So I was also able to see trauma from my family, trauma that was coming from previous generations as well in the first session. I was able to even say, hey, I don’t care anymore about what is really happening. I don’t care about my shadows. I don’t care about my dark thoughts.

I don’t care about what is really happening. So it’s like, let’s say, our acceptance of life, like a radical acceptance of, hey, this is what they need to live and this is what they need to experience in this life. So why not? Let’s instead of complaining over time, let’s try to enjoy it. Let’s try to accept that life is this. So it’s these two things, right? So it’s non -dual, right? So yeah, it was very powerful to answer your question.

Sue (15:35.015)
And you know what’s really interesting about this and the way you describe it, it sounds like it’s very transformative in a way where once you start feeling things, right, because a lot of times people are very closed off, they’re very guarded, they don’t want to feel the feelings because it’s painful. It’s, you know, you kind of bury that stuff inside. But once you start feeling and releasing, That’s where you start accessing your true power and you’re free and liberated.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (16:10.158)
Right, right. There is a feeling, normally people who come to BreathBook, they say after the session, some people understand what happened, some people don’t understand, but in general, people say, I feel like lighter. I feel like I left something during the session. It’s in the air, I don’t know where it is, but now I feel like I released some stuff and it’s not on me anymore. I feel like my body is lighter. I feel like I lost maybe some kilos of weight, so. I feel much better now. I feel happier. I feel like I’m really motivated to do new things, to be creative, to sing again, to draw again, to do something like to come back to a hobby I had in the past so people feel it. Maybe they don’t understand why.

They don’t understand why they released what they released, but they feel better. And once you know that, hey, when I face my shadows, when I face this stuff, I know that on the other side, I’m going to feel better because… In a breath box session, a breath box session is like a very intense technique. You need to be brave as well to do, to be in a breath box session because you’re going to face a lot of stuff in just one hour. So you’re going to see a lot of stuff.

But you know that on the other side, you’re going to feel much better. So once you trust, there are also people who come and they don’t trust and they say, oh, I don’t know what is going to happen. I don’t trust that I’m going to feel better afterwards. So it’s also a journey about trusting, about trusting yourself. It’s about surrendering. I think a key word in this work is to surrender.

Sue (17:48.167)
That’s exactly the word I was thinking when you said that, right? It’s kind of like allowing it to happen, surrendering, like you say, and it’s just the more you can let it happen, the more that happens for you.

Mm -hmm. Sue (18:03.143)
Wow, that is so powerful, so beautiful. Alexis, now give us some insights for people listening at home. Where can one start? Is there like a simple technique you can describe or offer to people who just kind of want to start feeling and activating some feelings or things?

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (18:23.854)
Yes, I wouldn’t recommend to do like one hour session alone at home without any proper guidance because this might be too much. For example, there are people who come with traumas, PTSD, CPTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, et cetera. So they need a facilitator. It can be virtually, it can be on site, but they need some guidance. What I can recommend to anyone listening to this podcast is to find just short techniques of breath work.

There are some techniques, for example, to sleep well. is the box briefing 478. You inhale for four seconds, you hold the breath for seven seconds, and then you exhale for eight seconds, and then you go again to the inhalation. There are people who have healed really insomnia and different problems. They were not able to sleep well, and just thanks to this technique, they are able not to sleep well and to feel more relaxed at night. And there are techniques like for five minutes, for 10 minutes, there are really many videos on YouTube, also many podcasts on… on Spotify on different platforms where you can find really short exercises on how to breathe properly.

Also the things that many people don’t know how to breathe properly. So many people breathe only through the mouth or breathe through the chest. And this kind of breathing is going to make us feel like more, it’s going to activate the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is the one where we are stressed, where we need to fight or run away. So the way we breathe on a daily basis is not good. It’s not, first of all, it’s not healthy. And second, it’s going to make us feel more stressed. So just the simple fact of learning how to breathe properly, on closing your mouth, on trying to bring the air to the belly area, to the abdominal area, and to expand your belly every time you inhale is going to bring a lot of improvement to your life, a lot of health to your life.

So you’re going to feel a big difference. And my recommendations is to start with something, just go online and find some short techniques, DAOs, many apps, many platforms. where you can find some short techniques, find what you feel like is resonating more with you. And in case you want to go deeper, in case you want to see, let’s say, I sometimes say to see the dragons and to see those mystical things, maybe you can try a session with me, a virtual session.

There are many facilitators also out there that are really doing a great job. So joining a one hour long breath work can be very powerful, can be very transformative, and just look for the facilitator that is resonating more. I will say the personality is resonating more with you with the work that they are doing. And yeah, this is how I would start.

Sue (20:57.797)
That’s great guidance. Now, you know, when you started this work, for you, you were just kind of looking for your own healing. You didn’t plan on becoming this spiritual leader and leading these retreats. And you’re really, I mean, you’ve trained 2 ,000 people, which means, I mean, the impact of that is so enormous because those 2 ,000 people have gone off and healed thousands more, right? And so that really it’s just growing the impact.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (21:25.23)

Sue (21:28.326)
What is that like for you personally to have this kind of impact? And what is your mission now? How has it changed as it’s growing?

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (21:40.846)
Yeah, good point. So when I started, I saw myself as a coach. So for example, the first thing I studied was a life coaching training. And my idea was just to become a good coach to help people individually. And then the things that when I started to coach people to work with people individually, I realized that, hey, there’s so much impact and I can support them so well. And it’s not really about me being there personally. It’s about the techniques that they know, if they learn those techniques and they apply those techniques.

So it’s like, no, you know, in some places you find like kind of gurus, masters, and you create like a dependent relationship with them. So you depend on the master. For me, I see it completely different. I see that I have a set of techniques and those set of techniques can be facilitated by everyone in the world and they can be used by everyone in the world to heal themselves. So it’s about healing yourself. So… When I realized that it was not about me, it was about the techniques I was using, I said, okay, I could bring more impact.

And it’s true that sometimes I really don’t think because I’m always busy doing, you know, doing small things or teaching or yeah, in a class or in a retreat. But sometimes I stop and I say, wow, yeah, it’s true that those thousands of people are facilitating to thousands of people. And it’s really amazing when sometimes I receive students coming. recommended by another student that they studied with us four, five, six years ago. And it’s really amazing to see that maybe someone three weeks ago, I was facilitating on -site training here in Spain, and we had someone coming from Thailand who have tried our method from another facilitator who trained with us like three, four years ago. And it was amazing to see that, wow, this person is coming from Thailand just to you. Yeah, because they know InterCamp, they know us because of another facilitator.

Wow, this is amazing. So yeah, I’m very happy that it’s possible that anything that is not only me, I think that is the amazing team that we are together at InterCamp creating this and it’s the way we also transmit this knowledge and all the science we are putting together. So all the value that we are bringing is what is creating this community. So I’m very, very happy and very excited. And yeah, I don’t think enough about that, about the impact really.

Sue (24:04.791)
Well, that’s great. I commend you on that. It’s so amazing to do that kind of work that is having such large scale impact. Now, talk to us about your own personal spiritual evolution. What has happened for you on a personal level? You have to have had a very deep transformation, right? What is that like for you?

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (24:31.534)
So I think my transformation would be like, if I could describe in general, would be like ups and downs. I cannot say after years of doing a lot of breath work, body work, tantra practices, I cannot say that I feel like more healed than the average. I cannot see myself like, okay, now I’m like enlightened or something like that. I very often get lost as well. I sometimes get lost. I sometimes my ego is answering, my ego is the…

Sometimes I need to do breath work for myself and to say, hey, I need to find some clarity because I don’t know what is happening. Sometimes also I love tantra. Tantra is something that they learned a few years ago and it’s something that they practice. Tantra is basically like a framework to live your life according to some principles, like for example, seeing everything as sacred, seeing your partners as a god or goddess. And sometimes I get lost and sometimes we have like the typical issues with my partner. But I know that I have a framework. I know that I know Tantra and I can come back to Tantra. And when I come back to Tantra and I apply those principles, I know that I’m coming back on track.

And then I can practice those principles again. So at any time when the philosophy came back to the end, I can be on track. So I can say that in the past, probably in the first years, I felt like, oh, wow, I have found a lot of information, a lot of wisdom. And now the future is going to be like everything light and beautiful and perfect. And then at some point I realized that the journey is never ending. The journey is going to be forever. So my ego is going to be there forever.

So I’m sure that in 20 years, I will have some problems or similar problems to what they happen right now. So I learned to be compassionate about myself. I learned to be, to accept what was happening to you, to accept my shadows, to… to embrace them a part of my life because this is to be human. So this is something that I cannot hide. And at least now I know that there is like light at the end of the tunnel when there are towns. And when there are apps, I can really enjoy more that probably than in the past.

Sue (26:48.327)
That is such a beautiful response, Alexis. And I have to commend you because, you know, your response is actually a sign of true evolution. And yeah, none of us are ever fully enlightened, but the more you do the work, right? In the beginning, it’s like, oh, I’m this guru and I’m this and I’m that. But then the more you do the work, you start realizing, right? You become more humble. And that’s a sign that the work is, it’s a lifelong journey.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (27:16.334)
Yeah, totally, yes.

Sue (27:19.591)
Yes, wow, how amazing. So now give us some insight. You offer some online programs as well, right? You have some online stuff people can do. Talk to us about some of the work that you offer on the website and the inner camp retreats and things.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (27:37.934)
Yeah, we are offering virtual workshops, so online workshops like 8, 10 workshops per month, so people can join us in the, there’s like a membership similar to like Netflix, and then people can join us to experience tantra, bodywork, breathwork. So we facilitate all these techniques there on these workshops, and then they have also they get access to our community, and there are many people there. And also we offer online trainings.

So people who want to become a breath or facilitator or a body work facilitator or also to work with energy, with Tantra, they can also become facilitators in online formats. So we have programs of four months long. So we have many live sessions and then we have a lot of content on the platform, videos, lessons, articles, et cetera. So people can really learn how to facilitate all of this out there. So we, mainly we have trained people in online format. So we don’t do so many on -site trainings. On -site trainings normally are in Europe, but mostly people studied online and the results are really amazing. Some people think that, hey, online I cannot become a breadth of facilitator.

I cannot support people like just learning online, but it’s possible because their classes are very practical. We ask people to bring their friends, their family to the classes and then they are going to practice with them. So we learn very practical, we teach very practical exercises and in a very practical way to learn really how to use, support people, how to hold the space for people out there. So they are really different formats. So if anyone would like to explore one session, one workshop with us, it’s really welcome. And if someone wants to really become a facilitator, it’s also very welcome.

Sue (29:18.669)
And now what is next for you? Are you planning on just growing this platform? Do you have other things, other projects you’re working on? What is coming up for you? Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (29:30.478)
So last year we started with a new project that is to bring those methods to Spain. So I’m from Spain and I have been living here almost my whole life, but I never facilitated in Spanish. So this is something new for me. And then last year I decided to bring those methods to Spain in Spanish. And yeah, this is one of the projects.

And I would like to really improve what we are doing and to bring more value. I don’t think about escalating a lot and having many methods, many programs and many, many events. I’m more thinking about, okay, bringing more science to what we are doing, doing more research, auditing what we are doing, investigating. So I would like to have agreements with at least with one or a couple of universities to prove that what we are doing is really effective and is really helping people and is healthy as well. So this is the growth how I would like to you. Yeah, how I would like to make it.

Sue (30:32.199)
Hmm, that’s great. And now, you know, Alexis, what kind of guidance for someone who’s stuck and struggling? This is a question I’d love to get insight from people like you. You know, you were at this stage at one point and you healed yourself. So what advice could you give to someone who’s just going through a really hard time or stuck and struggling? Right.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (30:54.798)
So first of all to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel so it’s possible to find some sound techniques that can support them and one of the things to stop and to start breathing and to be aware of the emotions of the physical sensations of the breath so this is going to help them a lot sometimes we are very stressed just thinking thinking making plans anxious because we are thinking about the future about what is going to happen what might happen etc.

And then sometimes it’s just about the stopping and then thinking about, okay, how do I feel? I’m breathing, I’m bringing the air to the belly area, expanding your belly area, and then just to be more in contact with yourself. And then once you are more in contact with yourself and you’re more in the present moment, then you can release a little bit those problems that you have. And of course there are more and more videos and audios on the internet that can support people. So I really invite everyone who is really having some issues to go to YouTube or to any other platforms and to find some breathing exercises. Breathing is very simple. It’s just to breathe.

So it’s not going to, it’s like not, for example, like yoga. You need to go to a yoga studio. You need to do yoga for one hour, one hour, yeah, 90 minutes, et cetera. And it’s a lot of effort and you don’t know what is going to happen after the class, but with breathing it’s different because in five minutes of breath work or in two minutes of breath work. you can feel already a lot of difference, you can feel much better. So my recommendation, try to stop, find a short exercise and use this exercise because this exercise is going to make you feel grounded. Once you feel grounded, you are able to think better, you are able to make better decisions, you are able to find a better resolution because when we are stressed, it’s really hard to think clearly and some short breathing exercise can help you to have mental clarity.

Sue (32:51.633)
Oh, I love that. Okay, so a couple of things, Alexis, first and foremost, I just want to thank you so much. You’ve been so awesome. And I think you’ve had so many powerful insights that people are going to be able to use and work with. So I just thank you so much for your time today.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (33:10.488)
Thank you so much for having me on the show today, it was really amazing to be here with you and sharing what I’m doing, so thank you very much.

Sue (33:18.663)
Oh, you’re awesome. And I’m going to be sure to have links or a link to your website for people as well. And now in closing, you’ve already said so many amazing things, but if there were just one message, your closing message, your hope for everyone, what is that closing message you want to leave us with?

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (33:36.078)

Sue (33:39.047)
Oh, I love it. That is such a perfect, powerful closing message. You’ve been so wonderful. Thank you so much.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (33:39.342)
breathe is to open breathe.

Alexis Alcalá | InnerCamp (33:48.322)
Thank you very much, Sue. Thank you.

Sue (33:50.521)
Thank you.


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