How Do We Find Joy?

Moving Into Joy With Lauren Wittig

Laurin Wittig is an author, mentor and healer. She is the founder of Heartlight Wellness. 

Her expertise is helping people leave pain behind and move into joy.

Heartlight Wellness and the Heartlight Wise Women Circles were born out of Laurin’s own life long journey with healing and wellness. 

She is the best selling author of the Guardians of the Large Trilogy and Prequel and other books. 

Podcast #77

Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Episode #77 Moving Into Joy With Laurin Wittig

What Is Joy?

Most of us know joy when we feel it, but what exactly is joy? It’s an emotion that comes from a deep sense of contentment, happiness, and satisfaction. While it’s hard to define and easy to take for granted, joy is something we can all strive for and attain. Here are three tips for finding your own joy in everyday life.

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3 Tips For Finding Joy In Everyday Life

  1. Find Gratitude Everywhere – Life is full of little moments that can bring us joy if we take the time to appreciate them. Start a gratitude journal or simply take mental notes throughout the day of all the things that bring you pleasure—a delicious cup of coffee in the morning, a breathtaking view during your commute home—and savor each one as they come up throughout your day. This simple practice will help you find joy in every part of your life!
  2. Keep Connected – Although unplugging is important for finding joy in everyday life, connection with others is just as vital! Make sure to carve out time to spend with friends and family members who bring out the best in you; have meaningful conversations with coworkers; or even adopt a pet who can fill your days with love and laughter! Connection with others keeps us grounded and fulfilled—two key components of achieving true joy every day!
  3. Unplug from Technology – Technology is both a blessing and a curse; while it helps us stay connected with the world, it can also be incredibly distracting and overwhelming. To make room for joy in your life, try unplugging from technology for a few hours each day (or week). This means taking some time away from screens, notifications, and endless news cycles. This small step will help you refocus on what brings you true happiness.

Joy isn’t something that’s easy to define but something we can all strive towards—even on our worst days! By taking steps like unplugging from technology, increasing our capacity for gratitude, and staying connected with others, we can start finding more moments of joy even during the busiest times in our lives. So go ahead—start noticing those little moments this week that bring you true contentment and happiness!

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How Do We Find Joy?




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