9 Ways To Get Over An Ex

Ways To Get Over An Ex

Do you find yourself hung up on your ex? Are you stuck and struggling? What are some things that can help you expedite this process so you can move on with your life? Here are 9 ways to get over an ex!

We’ve got it all here for you –

These hacks will help you move forward powerfully and with grace. No hard feelings.

Get Over An Ex
Get rid of their stuff, asap!

1. Get rid of anything that reminds you of your ex

Chucking things that remind you of this person is a great way to free your mind and your heart of what is no more. It’s ok to get rid of things. Even better, donate them for a little extra good karma and dose of magic your way with a potential new love. While some exes may resort to burning or canning the items all together we say you take care of their property or either give it back at will. You can let them know you’ll leave it outside your door and if you want to go the extra mile leave it outside theirs, or simply drop the items off at goodwill or your nearest charity that will be glad to have those extras that have got to go!

Other things like momentos, pictures of course, and gifts from your ex need to be put away so they can collect some dust and be out of site and out of mind until you are ready to dispose of them for good.

Getting Over Your Ex
Delete Those Digits.

2. Delete Their Number From Your Phone And Unfriend Them On Social Media

Look, we know breaking up is hard to do. We know getting over your ex is no easy feat and that’s not the purpose of this post. However there are powerful ways to get over that ex once and for all and these steps will help you immensely. And if you did not end it amicably which seems even harder to do these days then you’ve got to get to cutting them out of your life completely. Step numero dos is deleting their number from your phone. Not because you don’t already have it memorized by heart, but because it’s energy and it doesn’t need to take up data on your phone. And you sure don’t need their name popping up when scrolling to make a call nor do you need their stories popping up on instagram every time you kick back and get on your social media handles.

3. Fill Your Time With New Activities

Taking up a new hobby can be a great way to get over an ex. First off it keeps you busy and occupied. Secondly it might even be exciting and invigorating to try your hand at something new or finally give that thing you’ve talked about doing for years a whirl. Jump in head first into that nature group or travel group you’ve been wanting to join or head on out to Michae’ls and scoop up those paints and palettes for that impressionist art and Picasso’s you’ve got burning inside of you yearning to fly onto those freshly picked canvases. Breaking up doesn’t have to be about crying and moping around. It can be a gateway to liberating yourself and getting excited about something new!

Getting over heartbreak
Journal About It

4. Write Down How You’re Feeling In a Journal As A Way To Get Over That Ex

Journaling is a very powerful tool for heartache and hard times. It can help you process your feelings so they don’t just idle inside and you don’t extend the sadness longer than you need to. It’s a good way to let it out and let things go.

Share candidly in your journal exactly how you feel. Go deep with it. Think about what it all means. Was there a lesson in the relationship or the breakup? Is there something you could have done differently, (do this without beating yourself up, simply as a powerful exercise to grow and evolve from it)? If they hurt you are you ready and willing to forgive? Why or why not? Ask yourself these questions. And as a bonus – download the Ultimate Self Inquisition Guide to help you along with the process of journaling and going deeper with yourself. And for added flair get to journaling with, This Journal! OMG.

We find the more we take this stuff seriously, like investing a nice journal the more seriously you’ll take journaling all together.

5. Talk To Someone About The Breakup And How You’re Getting Along

Talking it out is a great way to get over it. If you have a good friend which we’ll assume you do then lean on them for support and let them listen to you vent, cry and well up, at length. You want someone who can be there for you without judgement and without casting stones at your ex. While your friend may love you and want what’s best and potentially be more upset at your ex than you find a friend who can just listen and hear you out and hear your heart.

Sweat to forget them
Exercise and Sweat It Out

6. Exercise And Sweat It Out To Get Over That Ex Once And For All

Exercise is one of the greatest things we can do, not just in general, but especially during stressful times in our lives. Getting sweaty and releasing some endorphins especially those toxic ones does wonders for the mind, body and soul. Do something active to work out the anger, hurt and frustration. You’ll feel invigorated and ready for more. You will feel physically better after a good hard run or hike and a nice luke warm shower or cold if you prefer. You’ll be so glad you did that sweaty thing cause it was a little exercise in self love. Your body will thank you later. Some favorite go to’s for working up a hearty sweat. Or this guy!

7. Get Into Nature To Heal That Heart

It’s no mystery that nature does wonders for the soul. The healing energy and radiating beams of sun light, fresh air, chi of the trees can work their magic and heal you back to wholeness in a flash. As a nature lover forest bathing is a ritual all too wonderful for the heart and soul. Are you into forest bathing? Have you been doing it all wrong? Here are the hottest tips from Nature Connection Coach Hana Lee Goldin to forest bathing to ensure you get the most out of your next forest bath. And to step up your nature game we recommend these hiking must haves, but especially these.

8. Go To Therapy

If you don’t have that friend who can just listen and be supportive, but other kinds of friends that’s ok. In that case perhaps therapy is a good way to get it out to someone who is impartial and will allow you to speak at length about the pain on your heart.

Therapy may not be for everyone, but sharing and talking about what you are going through is very necessary during a breakup or other challenging times in life. It can help immensely cause keeping your hurt and heart bottled up is not good for you whatsoever.

Break Up
Recovering From Heartache

9. Surround Yourself With People You Love

So sure you may need a little alone time. You may need to stay in bed and sob a while. We get it. We all need alone time and we all need to process pain however we deem fit. But, with that being said what we don’t need and what is not powerful is staying away and staying alone too long. Eventually you have to let loved ones in and allow the love to flow. You have friends and family who love you and want to support you. Process the hurt, but allow those loved ones to take care of you and be there for you and offer you their support and kindness so you heal and get over that ex!

Dare we say, NEXT!

In closing, know this one thing – you will get through it. All of these suggestions here are just little nudges to push you in the right direction towards healing and wholeness.

Perhaps this article here may offer a little more into why it’s so hard to let that ex go.

And if you just can’t stop thinking about your ex check out my video – I’m talking about – what it means When I’m Constantly Thinking Of Someone.

Getting Over Your Ex

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9 Ways To Get Over An Ex

Get Over An Ex



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