A Beginner’s Guide To Spell Kits

What Is A Spell Kit?

For the uninitiated, a spell kit may conjure up images of shadowy figures muttering incantations over bubbling cauldrons. But in reality, spell kits are far more mundane – though no less magical. In this blog post, we’ll explore what spell kits are, how they work, and how you can use them to add a little extra magic to your life.

So, what is a spell kit? A spell kit is simply a collection of items that are used to perform a magical spell or ritual. Spell kits can be used for all kinds of purposes, from banishing bad energy to attracting love and prosperity. The items included in a spell kit will vary depending on the purpose of the spell, but some common items include candles, herbs, crystals, and essential oils.

How To Use A Spell Kit?

Using a spell kit is easy – even for beginners. Simply gather the items included in your kit, find a quiet place to work, and follow the instructions provided. It’s important to approach your spell with an open mind and positive intent; spells are most effective when performed with pure intentions. Once you’ve completed your spell, be sure to thank the Universe for its assistance. Then sit back and wait for the magic to unfold…

History Of Spell Kits

Spell kits have been used for centuries by people all over the world. The precise origins of spell kits are difficult to trace, but they likely date back to ancient times when humans first began harnessing the power of nature for spiritual purposes. Throughout history, different cultures have developed their own unique methods of using spells and charms; today, there is no single “right” way to use spell kits. Whether you’re a witch, pagan, Wiccan, or simply someone who enjoys experimenting with magic, there’s a spell kit out there that’s perfect for you.

The Most Common Types Of Spell Kits

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating spell kits. The sky’s the limit! However, some of the most popular types of spells include those for love, luck, protection, and abundance. Love spells are often used to attract a new partner or improve an existing relationship; luck spells can be used to attract good fortune; protection spells can provide psychic shielding from harmful energy; and abundance spells can be used manifest wealth and success. No matter what your goal may be, there’s a spell kit that can help you achieve it.

In Closing

We hope this has provided some insight into the world of spell kits! These powerful tools can be used for all kinds of purposes – from boosting your self-confidence to achieving professional success. If you’re interested in trying out magic for yourself, we suggest starting with one of our beginner-friendly spell kits. And remember: approach your spells with pure intentions and an open mind…the Universe always delivers exactly what we need (though not necessarily what we want). Check my story – How To Become An Energy Worker.

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Spell Kits We Love

I love spell kits and all things metaphysical. As an energy worker and healer and as a very inquisitive person I’ve spent a life time in inquiry and I’ve been on a soul journey. I’ve received healing from Indian Sages and Gurus. I’ve been healed by my own archangels and I’ve had divinity affirm its presence to me and in my life as long as I can remember.

I love offering things I love as someone who is deep into this stuff with a vast background, expertise and a deep understanding of spirituality.

My favorites from the Blossom Your Awesome Shop in terms of Spell Kits are –

The Mercury Retrograde Kit

Mercury Retrograde Spell Kit
Spell Kit

And then there are items like the Palo Santo Flora bundle or this smudge that is one of the hottest sellers.

The Energy Cleansing Kit is another hot seller. Can never go wrong with that one cause we all know we can all use a little energy cleansing every now and then. The Cleanse Trio is always good to add to your repertoire of Spell kits and metaphysical things.


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A Beginner’s Guide To Spell Kits

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