Stuck? Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone?

So part of my mission or a majority of it, let’s just say is to be helpful, provide answers and solutions to your problems like feeling stuck cause you can’t stop thinking about someone.

So this is one of the questions I get asked more than any other question ever.

can't stop thinking of someone

It’s how do I stop thinking of someone or why can’t I stop thinking of someone or another variation of that question is “what does it mean if I can’t stop thinking of someone?”

Of course as human beings we must attach meaning to everything. I get it.

I’ve been there, done that, precisely in this scenario.

If You Can’t Stop Thinking Of Someone Imagine This

So imagine a new possibility with some outside of the box thinking. I know as human beings we want an explanation for everything in life. It’s our nature to want to explain, but one of my theories on this is it simply may have no explanation.

I know the answer you want is yes. And yes is an absolute possibility in this scenario, but so is a notion of not having any reasonable explanation for why this is happening at all.

As an energy worker and meditation practitioner I do my best to always be measured and thoughtful in my approach.

So in that same bent I answer this question on camera because I felt that that would be the most substantive way to do so.

You can check out my detailed response here.

I also answered this question on Quora and you can check out that response here.

I got about 760 likes on my response so I knew I was on to something.

If You’re Feeling Stuck Consider Getting Help

If you’re interested in learning more about online therapy, I recommend checking out BetterHelp. They offer online therapy sessions with licensed therapists at an affordable price point.

As you know I’m a huge proponent of mental wellness and ensuring we all get the help we need when we need it. And of course, I don’t want you just to get any help I want you to get the right help so I am now sponsored by BetterHelp. 

BetterHelp is the world’s largest therapy service, and it’s 100% online.

BetterHelp offers a network of over 25,000 licensed and experienced therapists who can help you with a wide range of issues.

Just click on the link below, answer a few questions and get matched with a therapist from the network. 

One of the most amazing features of BetterHelp, if you don’t jive with your therapist you can switch to a new one that’s a better fit for you any time free of charge. 

With BetterHelp, you get the same professionalism and quality you expect from in-office therapy, but with a therapist who is custom-picked for you, more scheduling flexibility, and at a more affordable price.


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Stuck? Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone?

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