Recognizing Signs And Symbols From The Universe With Holly Porter

Recognizing signs and symbols from the universe is one of the most empowering things we can learn to do. Holly Porter joins me on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast with powerful insights into doing just that.

Signs And Symbols From The Universe

Holly Porter shares her remarkable story of survival and spiritual awakening. She discusses her out-of-body experiences and the visions she had while in a coma. These experiences led her to start a nonprofit organization and find clarity and purpose in her life. Holly also talks about the importance of recognizing signs and symbols from the universe and finding peace and stillness within oneself. She shares insights and advice for those struggling and emphasizes the importance of wellness advocacy. The conversation concludes with a powerful closing message of hope and gratitude.

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  • Out-of-body experiences can lead to profound spiritual awakenings.
  • Recognizing signs and symbols from the universe can provide guidance and confirmation.
  • Finding peace and stillness within oneself is essential for clarity and purpose.
  • Wellness advocacy is important for personal growth and helping others.


00:00 Introduction and Backstory

02:32 Out-of-Body Experience

05:47 Visions and Spiritual Awakening

08:53 Starting the Nonprofit

14:47 Finding Clarity and Purpose

18:27 Recognizing Signs and Symbols

20:06 Sense of Peace and Stillness

24:34 Insights and Meaning

26:22 Impact of the Nonprofit Work

28:40 Personal Vaccination Status

30:50 Advice for Those Struggling

31:59 Importance of Wellness Advocacy

34:00 Closing Remarks and Gratitude

35:01 Final Message

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Recognizing Signs And Symbols From The Universe With Holly Porter

Signs And Symbols From The Universe



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