The Wellness Checkup You Must Have

A wellness checkup is a medical examination that allows your doctor to check for any early signs of disease or health problems. It usually includes a physical exam, blood tests, and other diagnostic tests. Depending on your age and health history, your doctor may recommend different wellness checkups at different times. For example, they may recommend that you have a wellness checkup every year if you’re over the age of 50. However, if you have a family history of certain diseases, your doctor may recommend that you have wellness checkups more often. Wellness checkups are important because they can help catch health problems early, when they’re most treatable. So if your doctor recommends a wellness checkup, be sure to schedule one!

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Why A Wellness Checkup Is So Important

A wellness checkup is an important part of staying healthy. It can help to identify potential health problems early, when they are most treatable. It can also help to ensure that you are up-to-date on vaccinations and screenings. During a wellness checkup, your doctor will likely take your height, weight, and blood pressure. They may also order blood tests or other screenings, depending on your age and health history. A wellness checkup is a chance to talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have and to ask questions about your health. It is also an opportunity to receive guidance on making healthy lifestyle choices. Whether you are seeking preventive care or treatment for an existing condition, a wellness checkup can play a vital role in maintaining your health and wellbeing.

One Of The Most Important Aspects Of A Wellness Check Up

Regardless of how old you are or how healthy you feel, it’s important to see your doctor regularly for a wellness checkup. This is especially true for women, as there are a number of health concerns that are unique to women or that affect women more frequently than men. During a wellness checkup, your doctor will likely check your blood pressure and weight, as well as take a blood sample to test for cholesterol and other markers. You should also expect to discuss your family medical history and any personal concerns you have about your health. In addition, you’ll likely receive important screenings for conditions like breast cancer and cervical cancer. Wellness checkups provide an essential opportunity for you to talk to your doctor about your health and to catch any potential problems early. So be sure to schedule one every year.

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Things I Love And Rely On Day In And Day Out For My Optimal Wellness

This superfood powder.

In sticking with the theme eating right is up there at the top of the chain. Nourishing our bodies is so important. One of the first things I do most days is start with a smoothie and for that I rely on this blender with this superfood. I also add these to my smoothie.

As a part of morning routine I also stretch and do a little yoga and meditate of course with this absolute must have back jack. My meditation blanket is also one of my favorite things.

I make a concerted effort to get into nature and having some good solid sneaks is essential to getting a long good hike in.

wellness checkup
wellness checkup

Other Things You Can Do For Your Overall Wellness

Wellness entails so much more than just making sure you get your tests and yearly exams checkout.

We all know that wellness entails daily care of ourselves. That entails everything from taking care of your physical health and your mental health.

Some of that includes eating well, working out, and taking care of your mental and emotional well being.

So the whole enchilada essentially – mind, body, soul

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The Wellness Checkup You Must Have




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