How To Tell If You Are One With The Universe

How can you tell if you are one with the universe?

This concept of being “one with the universe” is rooted in spiritual and philosophical thought. It’s a notion of being in total alignment with nature, reality, the cosmos, everything in our vicinity in a very synergistic and synchronistic way.

One With The Universe

Here are five of the most powerful ways to align yourself to be one with the universe:

  1. Spiritual Unity: Some spiritual traditions suggest all living beings and the entire cosmos are interconnected on a deeper, spiritual level. Being “one with the universe” implies a sense of unity with all there is in existence. It offers the notion of transcending individual boundaries and recognizing a deeper shared essence.
  2. Oneness with Nature: For some, being one with the universe involves a strong connection with nature. It’s the idea that there is an inevitable interconnectedness between humans and the natural world. It emphasizes harmony and balance with the environment. Check out my short video on forest bathing here for expert insights into getting the most out of your time in the redwoods.
  3. Transcendence of Ego: Another interpretation is the idea of transcending the ego or individual self. It pertains to moving beyond the narrow confines of personal identity and recognizing oneself as part of a larger, cosmic whole. This involves a shift in perspective from a self-centered view to a more expansive and inclusive one.
  4. Mindfulness and Presence: In some Eastern philosophies, like Buddhism, being one with the universe is associated with mindfulness and being fully present in the current moment. It means letting go of attachments, desires, and distractions so you can experience a profound sense of connection to the present moment and the universe. Download my Bliss Guided Meditation here to get started.
  5. Cosmic Consciousness: Some mystical and esoteric traditions propose the idea of attaining a state of cosmic consciousness, where we transcend ordinary awareness. This allows us to experience an even more profound sense of unity with the universe. This can involve a deep spiritual awakening or enlightenment. We begin to see it all from a space of elevated awareness and feel intertwined with divinity and the cosmos.

The idea of being “one with the universe” varies widely, and people may understand or experience this concept in different ways depending on their cultural, religious, or personal beliefs. It’s often reflective of a desire for a deeper connection with something greater than oneself and a recognition of the interdependence of all existence.

If You Want To Go Deeper As You Become One With The Universe

There are the tools I’ve mentioned above for connecting and being in alignment with the universe. There are other ways to go deeper as well. As you begin on your soul journey to find deeper connection with all that is around you an incredibly powerful way to go deeper is by learning the art of self inquiry.

Self inquiry is the incredible process of learning to sit in stillness and begin to have deeper awareness around your circumstances. It’s the process of self discovery and this idea of uncovering layers of your own depth, gaining clarity and awakening greater authenticity in life with your circumstances.

I’ve been doing this work for a long time and have experienced the power of self inquiry first hand. That’s why I created the Ultimate Self-Inquisition Guide. It’s my signature creation – a 28 page fillable workbook that will teach you how to learn to sit in self inquisition to have greater clarity around life’s greatest questions.

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ultimate self-inquisition guide

Hopefully this give you much to ponder and consider. Be sure to listen in to the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast for more amazing insights from incredible conversations I’m having with amazing experts, teachers, authors, healers, doctors, therapists and more.


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How To Tell If You Are One With The Universe

One With The Universe



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