Hands On Healing With Dr. William Bengston

Hands On Healing
The Energy Cure With Dr. William Bengston

We are talking about hands on healing with Dr. William Bengston. I had the enormous honor of speaking to the most formidable and respected source in the world of energy and hands on healing Dr. William Bengston

Dr. Bengston has been conducting research for nearly four decades. He has conducted clinical research in University laboratories and at several hospitals around the world. His most recent trial was conducted at a University in Tokyo.

He has done trial after trial with lab mice to prove the efficacy of what was once considered an airy fairy thing. As a scientist he wanted to offer proof. First of all he was conducting research to prove it to himself. And he did that with the countless trials. He had the proof, but as any good scientist does he wanted to know more. He wanted to know why, how? What is the underlying basis for healing?

He has devoted his life to this research and he is pushing the results of his findings in hopes of coming up with a cancer vaccine.

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Dr. Bengston’s Hands On Healing Findings

hands on healing
Hands On Healing

Dr. Bengston’s Findings Of Hands On Healing Are Remarkable

Lab rats are injected with cancer. Another set of rats simultaneously is also injected with cancer. The first set is given hands on energy healing by placing hands on the cages. They would see the rats would begin to form giant cancerous tumors visible to the naked eye. The tumors would grow. During the initial treatments early one he presumed the hands on healing was not working, but then very suddenly he would see the tumors would dissipate and just shrink away spontaneously.

The rats that received healing had been cured. Even more alarming they were fully cured with no reoccurrence ever in all of the trials. Not a single time was their a recurrence of cancer. And even more incredible they could take the blood of the healed mice and inject into the mice that had not received healing and they too would be cured.

Hands On Healing With Dr. William Bengston’s Leads To Working On A Cancer Vaccine

Dr. Bengston’s research has lead him on an incredible path for nearly four decades. And while the findings are astounding Dr. Bill really has no plans of slowing down. His findings have lead him to believe in the possibility of coming up with a cancer vaccine.

This would entail mass producing charged healing into a cancer blood vaccine.

It’s a novel idea, but knowing Dr. Bengston I would not be the least bit surprised if he’s sees this through.

To watch my entire interview with him click here –

Dr. William Bengston Interview

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Hands On Healing With Dr. William Bengston




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