Groundwork Productivity System With Amrita Ahuja

Groundwork is not what you think. It may incorporate some of what you’d imagine it to be, but it’s more than that. This Groundwork is a productivity system founded by Amrita Ahuja.

Groundwork is a means to arriving at what you do, how you make your life, what dreams you’re chasing, getting after your biggest goals and aspirations with clarity and joy.

Groundwork Productivity System

Amrita Ahuja’s mission is to help artists, creators, leadership executives, dream chasers and change makers find the clarity and joy they are seeking so they can scale the impact they are out to have on the world.

I had a delightful conversation on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast with Amrita about the how and why behind Groundwork.

What is the real purpose of Groundwork? Why and how she came up with it? What is her overall inspiration and ultimate mission?

Amrita Ahuja

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Some of Groundwork’s fundamentals include the potential to have a new mindset and workflow, peaceful productivity that is based in grounded-ness and not the regular overwhelm that comes with being a high achiever who quite often find themselves in over their heads with all of their mighty goals and ambitions.

The framework is built around helping people fulfill their dreams and the philosophy awakens peace of mind in that pursuit.

Amrita has been teaching and training leaders across multiple industries since 2010. She believes,”The key to unlocking that full potential is to shift out of survival mode and into a different way of getting things done.” Her passion is to teach others a way “to be grounded and peaceful and still be wildly successful.”

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Groundwork Productivity System With Amrita Ahuja

Groundwork Productivity System



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