Heal Yourself With Conscious Healing

What is conscious healing? How do you heal yourself with conscious healing? These are things you’ve perhaps pondered if you’ve been confronted with some sort of ailment.

As an energy workers we believe that often things come up for resolution as part of our spiritual path.

There is a deeper awakening that happens through the healing process that can only happen in that way. Or perhaps you are destined to have the awakening come through some form of physical healing.

For those on this deeper path many believe that we have the ability to heal ourselves with our conscious or subconscious mind.

One such incredible light in this world has been tested over and over again and through his own deep work and spiritual journey he has lead a heroic life of epic proportions. What do I mean by this exactly? Well – he’s a 6 Time Cancer Survivor. I repeat, SIX!

Daniel Hegerich offers incredible insights on Episode #82 Of The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast.

Conscious Healing

He’s healed himself over and over again consciously as he likes to put it, “rejecting whatever was inside my body.”


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Heal Yourself With Conscious Healing




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