I’m Going To Keep Inspiring People No Matter What

I'm Going To Keep Inspiring People No Matter What
Inspiring Others

So here’s the thing – I’m not going to stop. And no I’m not going to let Corona Virus stop me.

I’m not going to feed into the fears and the sensationalism.

I’m a competent human being. And I’ll even go as far as saying well read and well informed. I’m a former network journalist so I’ve always been an information junkie.

I know what’s up. I see clearly that we are in the thick of a pandemic. It’s serious. I get it. It’s unprecedented. And it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before and we really do not know at this point how things are going to unfold for the foreseeable future, but…….

Yes, there’s a but, we are going to get through this. I promise. I know this. You know this also. We all know this so I’m stressing that we all stay positive and focused. I’m stressing that we use this time powerfully in ways perhaps we’ve never used our time before.

Not to say you haven’t used your time powerfully. What I’m saying is let’s do more. Let’s go deeper. Let’s try some things we haven’t.

Never meditated before? Great! This is an opportune time to sit in silence and start your meditation practice.

And here’s what else I’m not going to do – I’m not going to tap into or feed into or feed out the fear that is spreading – no pun intended. There is a lot of negativity and a lot of fear. Again I’m not here to quell anyone’s fears or diminish the seriousness of a full blown pandemic.

I’m a journalist. I’ve seen things. I’ve dealt with crisis. And today I’m a Reiki Master and energy worker. I’m a Mindfulness Trainer. I work with energy all day every day.

And I can promise you everything has energy behind it, including our fears. So let’s not expound on this. Let’s use this time powerfully to retreat into ourselves. Let’s go deeper.


I’m sincerely speaking from the heart hear when I say I’m seeing this with a different perspective. I’m actually seeing it as a great gift and blessing that is forcing us all to pause and realign ourselves.

We would never just stop like this and take a moment for pause. We are all running and going constantly so let this be the catalyst that allows us to go inward.

Let us take a more powerful and inspired perspective over the next week or two as we wait for updates on resuming normalcy.

  1. Meditate – yes. Try it. It’s powerful. The benefits are enormous. Check out my article on getting started for those who have never meditated. I offer a complete breakdown. I even have a free guided meditation to help you get going.
  2. Read – so much wonderful content, books, insights and wisdom left by great writers and sages. Let’s get with that and see how we come out on the other end. Check out this link to see what I’ve been reading. I’ll be updating soon with a new breakdown of some of the most powerful stuff to keep us inspired. I’m an avid reader and try to get in at least one book a week. Two if I’ve got a little extra time, generally never extra time, but if the book is a short easy 100 page read or so.
  3. Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones – This is a perfect opportunity to just chill and have a deeper conversation with loved ones. Listen more. Ask questions. Go deeper. Listen intently like you’ve never before. I promise you there is profundity and intensity we can tap into when we just slow down and show up fully and powerfully in the present. Compassionate Listening is powerful. I’ve written all about this and teach Mindful Communication. Listening is a huge part of communicating mindfully.
  4. Get Into Nature – It’s a profound way to get in alignment with ourselves and our souls. It’s an amazing way to self reflect and allow the cosmos and the frequency of nature to elevate your awareness and allow you to enter a deeper state of consciousness. After are all – even though we are being forced to isolate – we still are all one cosmic consciousness. The benefits of nature are enormous.


I honor this life and this time to delve deeply into my passions and go deeper with loved ones. I will continue from here to write and read and be inspired and do my best to inspire others. Let’s stay positive and hopeful. Let’s believe in our power to collectively allow this time to make us stronger and wiser and bolder and badder when we come out of this. This is my sincere hope.

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I’m Going To Keep Inspiring People No Matter What




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