Romanticize Your Life With Caroline Karp

Caroline Karp is an artist and beyond her colorful legacy and body of work she helps others see art as a gateway to romanticize your life.

She believes each piece of art is a romantic expression.


She has been laying color to canvas or whatever surface she can get her hands on since the age of two and she believes that creativity and art allows us to fall in love with the world.

I had the incredible delight of speaking to Caroline on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast To listen in to the entire conversation click the link below.


To learn more about Caroline check out her site here. 

Caroline is offering art enthusiasts a great opportunity to learn from her directly live on line. 
Every Monday evening is MINDFUL MONDAYS. 
She shares – “This is a special time when people from all different time zones get together over Zoom to play and make art. There are no rules. There’s no “good” or “bad” art.

Here’s the link for Mindful Mondays WITH ARTIST CAROLINE KARP ON ZOOM.

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Romanticize Your Life With Caroline Karp




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