7 Things That Make Up The Ultimate Spirituality Journal

A spirituality journal is a powerful way to elevate your spiritual practice. I know you’re a seeker and that’s how you got here so let’s break down what a powerful spirituality journal entails.

It’s essentially a personal journal or diary that will help you explore and reflect on your spiritual experiences, beliefs, and practices. It’s an incredible tool for awakening self-discovery, mindfulness, and deepening your connection with your spiritual ideologies, God, Source, Higher Power, Consciousness, Oneness, etc….whatever that is for you.

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This Is What Makes Up The Ultimate Spirituality Journal

7 Things To Track In Your Spirituality Journal:

  1. Record Spiritual Experiences: Use your journal first and foremost to document moments of inspiration, gratitude, prayer, meditation, or other spiritual encounters and experiences you have. It’s personal so this will look different for everyone, but this is the first step to keeping a spirituality journal.
  2. Reflect on Beliefs: This is your safe space to explore and articulate your personal beliefs, values and feelings. It’s also the ideal place to list out questions you have related to spirituality. This is for yourself so ask candidly cause source is always listening. The answer may come to you in an unexpected way through a sign or signal from the universe.
  3. Set Intentions: Set spiritual goals, intentions, or affirmations to guide and move you powerfully and gracefully through your spiritual journey.
  4. Express Gratitude: Your spirituality journal is ideal for expressing gratitude for positive experiences. It is also a perfect way to foster a positive mindset and evoke more uplifting feelings and thoughts full of hope and light into your world. After all that is the whole point of spirituality.
  5. Track Practices: It’s the ideal way to keep track of your spiritual practices. Whether that’s meditation, prayer, or rituals keep track of them so you can reflect on them. Reflection allows room for impactful change and deeper awareness.
  6. Seek Guidance: You can also use your journal to seek out guidance, inspiration, or solace through writing. Insights and revelations may come up for you by jotting down what comes up for you specially during challenging times in life. You can also share some of what comes up for you with a loved one, mentor, pastor, guide or therapist if you like. It can be a great way to go even deeper with your spiritual practice.
  7. Document Growth: Over time you journal can serve as a record of your personal growth and evolution in your spiritual journey. It’s great for self reflection and self-discovery and for affirming how far you’ve come.

The format of your spirituality journal may vary from a handwritten kind of notebook to one on a digital platform. You may opt for a structured journal prompt or prefer free-form writing. The point is to create a safe and reflective space for exploring and deepening your spiritual connection.

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To Go Deeper With Your Spirituality Journal Learn Self-Inquiry

To deepen your spiritual practice start with my 28 page contemplative workbook. It’s the Ultimate Self-Inquisition Guide. It will have you going deeper and learning the powerful art of self-inquiry. It’s meant to allow you to sit in inquisition with life’s greatest questions to inevitably evoke a transformative self-discovery for you. Download it for free and get started right now. Click the button on the image and get instant access.

ultimate self-inquisition guide

For More Spiritual Insights Beyond Just Your Spirituality Journal

For even more spiritual insights checkout these write-ups or listen in to this powerful conversation with best-selling author and ordained Daoist Minister Gregory Ripley on Episode #233 Of The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Remedies Of The Dao below.


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7 Things That Make Up The Ultimate Spirituality Journal

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