Secrets To Aging Vivaciously With Ruth Yunker

aging vivaciously
Aging gracefully

What Are The Secrets To Aging

The secrets to aging are readily out there. Or if you’re anything like me you’ve heard elders give out this advice before. Aging well seems to be a combination of many factors. Some of the biggest commonalities seem to be diet, exercise, and extracurricular activity.

And of course we’ve all heard that laughter is indeed the best medicine.

For Ruth Yunker I could not help but notice her delightful sense of humor and light hearted perspective on life without question plays a big role in her vivacious aging. She is a humorist after all and aging really gracefully.

I had Ruth on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast to offer up some of her insights on aging vivaciously and she had a lot of really great wisdom, a lot of which I believe only comes with age.

Spiritual Empowerment

Ruth’s Greatest Tips To Embracing Getting Older

Ruth offered a lot of tips to embracing getting older.

As a humorist I had a hunch that this has been a big part of her secret. I’ve always known humor to play a great role in how people get through life and how they allow themselves to flourish even with age as long as they have a sense of humor.

“Pay attention to the little things,” Ruth says.

The Best Advice For Aging Vivaciously

Ruth offers this advice for aging vivaciously. She’s 73 and seems to have a real hand on things.

She believes life is not to be taken too seriously, but she also believes in the power of presence and gratitude for the little things.

She says there are so many little joys and treasures in life that get overlooked, but it’s the little things that in the end truly matter.

It’s acknowledging that moment with a friend that warms your heart. It’s taking in the brisk air on a wintery morning walk. It’s taking a sigh of relief and awakening total presence at the sight of a glorious sunset.

It’s these things that Ruth believes truly matter and add up to the sum of a happy and fulfilling life.

What Are The Most Important Factors To Consider As We Age

The most important factors to consider as we age are things that have an obvious impact on our overall physiological well being.

Are we drama free? This is something that often gets overlooked. Stress in our lives especially as we get older can really do a number on us. We have to ensure that we have a healthy balanced routine and life.

We have to stick to that routine cause it’s most often as we age when we start to let go of our regular routine that on many occasions our health starts to deteriorate.

A routine makes all the difference in the world.

And let me tell you even if you don’t work there is an exorbitant amount of activities you can plug in to your day that will help you flourish no matter what age you are.

Make sure to set aside time for your regular walk. Take an afternoon stroll with your pal each day. Make sure to set aside some time for some scrabble, a book or a crossword puzzle – something to keep the mind stimulated.

What Does The Science Show About Aging

Science suggests a few things we can all do to bring in a sense of zest and exuberance to later years in life.

The first of course is to get plenty of exercise. Exercise is always stressed to be a key contributor to healthy aging. 25 minutes of cardio is a good number to aim for, but of course the more the merrier.

Another factor that seems to contribute significantly to the aging process is a well balanced diet. Eating healthy is key to aging well.

And of course there is stimulation for the mind.

Lifestyle factors are everything when it comes to healthy aging.

Better Up offers these 10 tips for aging well.

Like I just mentioned diet and exercise are key, but no surprise attitude is also up there for healthy aging.

Be sure you’ve got good friends around who help keep you positive. Be sure to add some laughter to your repertoire – a good comedic book or just a comedy can uplift your spirits and add healthy years to your life.

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Secrets To Aging Vivaciously With Ruth Yunker

aging gracefully



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