What Is Spiritual Empowerment

What is spiritual empowerment? What does it entail?

There are so many questions relating to spiritual empowerment, which could well be one of the greatest enhancers of our life.

Spiritual development
Spiritual Empowerment

A sense of freedom is something that we all want to achieve. Being independent in whatever aspect it may be definitely boosts our confidence and makes us do better in life. We must all be equipped with this certain type of positive energy within us in order to have a major shift in the way we live.

Spiritual empowerment is potentially just that thing that could take you to the next level. The idea of empowering yourself spiritually is not a religious one, but more grounded in the philosophy of a balanced and centered mind, body and soul. It’s the notion of beginning to understand life deeply and freeing yourself of the heaviness that comes with many of the challenges in life.

Spirituality may be associated with religious things and ceremonies but in this case, it does not necessarily mean that we should be hooked to a religion. Experiencing spiritual empowerment means you live in a state where your consciousness is awakened.

This enables the person to see the person one really is and become aware of the capabilities and limitations attached to it. This makes the person become happy and contented with the person that he is. Thus, he is able to take care of and understand himself more than he used to. Being spiritually empowered makes a person aware of what makes him happy and makes him more sensitive to what would make other people happy.

Spiritual Empowerment

Why Spirituality Matters

Our society today has embedded in us stereotypes and perfect models as to how a person should be. For some this can lead to worsening conditions, sulking, and depression.

And in many cases it seems it’s then that people turn to spirituality, seeking deeper answers and the truth about life.

However, when a person becomes spiritually empowered, he sees himself for who he is and who he is not. He becomes aware of his capabilities and thus he knows what actions should be taken. Empowered people know their roles in society, socially and within their own personal constructs. They know what they can do to bring about change in their selves, in others, and in the environment.

If we were just able to empower ourselves spiritually, then freedom, in whatever aspect of life is within our reach.

Here are five ways to enrich the spirit.

the art of gratitude

5 Ways To Enrich The Spirit

How does one make sure that he gets on the right path in becoming spiritually empowered? Here are some ways:-

1) Knowing Oneself

The first step to being able to empower one’s self and, later on, achieve freedom and independence is to know one self. It is very important that a person know his capabilities and limitations so that he knows what his dharma is and how to live in the most empowered way possible.

Begin by doing the soul work, the deep contemplative work. Download the Ultimate Self Inquisition Guide if you want to start going deeper with yourself. It’s free. My gift to you.

2) Understanding the World Around

Once the person has some idea of the things he’s capable of doing and being, he can go deeper and start understanding what is truly within reach and within his surroundings. It is important that a person knows how the things in his or her surroundings could also affect him. Here’s a gem of a book I’m loving about plant medicine which is a really powerful way to begin to tap into your immediate surroundings – Secret Medicines From Your Garden: Plants For Healing, Spirituality And Magic

3) Prioritizing Things

When a person is able to determine these things in his life early on, it is easier to be able to get your priorities straight. For example, the self is the foremost important thing. You must take care of self first. Without loving and nurturing yourself you cannot reach the freedom and independence you’re seeking to achieve.

4) Sharing with Others

A person may be able to gain independence and freedom on his own but if he does not share the wisdom with others, this effort to grow and learn is less impactful. If a person shares what he learns, he is able to get a step closer in making the world better and going deeper with those around him. Deep intimate connections are huge for our ultimate freedom and liberation when seeking spiritually. Watch my video here on the #1 Way To Communicate | Mindful Communication – You’ll be able to go deeper with all of those around you.

5) Continuing to Learn

A person who wants to enrich his spirit is one that does not give up easily, no matter the circumstances and no matter what challenges are involved. Empowered people seek to make themselves and those around them better.

Alternate therapies have become quite fashionable in the world of spiritual empowerment. Let us check out some of the most popular of them.

Spiritual Empowerment Through Alternate Therapies

One can reach spiritual empowerment in many ways. The most common of these methods are through alternative therapies. Below are a few examples:-


Yoga uses the mental as well as physical disciplines that originated in India. Most Yoga practitioners today use yoga as a form of exercise. However, this form of meditation may also be used to gain Moksha.

Moksha is the state where a person attains liberation and freedom from all worldly sufferings. It comes from a Sanskrit word that literally means release or to let go. At the end, the person is able to find his own identity called the Supreme Brahman. Doing yoga may also help a person have a stable relationship with himself while experiencing calm and peace.


This method originated in Japan and means spiritual power from a Chinese loanword. Reiki originated with Mikao Usui after a 21-day retreat in Mount Kurama. Practitioners of Reiki aim to abide to its principles that include:

→ Do not be angry
→ Do not worry
→ Be grateful
→ Work with integrity → Be kind to others  → Spread love and light

Reiki also makes use of a universal spiritual energy that could actually have a healing effect. Anyone can also gain of this energy but has to go through a process of attunement done by a Reiki master or Reiki Grand Master.

Check out my post here on 3 Things I’ve Learned About Life As A Reiki Master or this video here of me breaking down – How To Become An Energy Healer

soul evolution
soul evolution

Er Mei Qi Gong

This type of practice believes that a unique form of matter called the Qi can be transmitted to others to provide healing and promote good health as well as help in spiritual empowerment. Some people even believe that they are able to develop their skills in clairvoyance and telepathy.

The choice of alternative therapy, if at all, would really depend upon you and in which practices you are most comfortable doing. In addition, there are many other therapies that you could undergo aside from the ones listed here.


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What Is Spiritual Empowerment

Spiritual development



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