The Light Within With Swami Nityananda

The light within us is accessible to each and every one of us. Yes. We do indeed carry the light. On this latest episode of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast I’m talking to the spiritual teacher Swami Nityananda who shares her journey and the importance of connecting with the light within ourselves.

The Light Within

The Light Within

She discusses the power of yoga and meditation in awakening the light within and the role of a teacher in transmitting that light.

Swami Nityananda also explores the intersection of yoga, meditation, and literature, emphasizing the importance of truth, love, and justice in all aspects of life. She offers practical guidance for overcoming suffering and liberating ourselves, as well as the significance of being of service to others. Finally, she provides tips for starting a meditation practice and shares upcoming projects and offerings.

Takeaways On Illuminating The Light Within

  • Connect with the light within yourself and trust its guidance.
  • Yoga and meditation are powerful tools for awakening the light within.
  • The role of a teacher is to transmit the light and guide others on their spiritual journey.
  • Truth, love, and justice are essential in all aspects of life.
  • Overcoming suffering and liberating ourselves requires letting go of identification with painful experiences.
  • Being of service to others is a way to share and expand the light within.
  • Start a meditation practice by using your breath as a friend and focusing on the energy of love.
  • Upcoming projects and offerings include a playshop on Kriya Yoga and the publication of a book by Swami Shankarananda.

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00:00 Introduction and Background

01:31 Early Spiritual Awareness and Connection with Yoga

04:26 The Power of Yoga and Meditation

07:17 The Transmission of Light and the Role of the Teacher

11:20 The Intersection of Yoga, Meditation, and Literature

17:06 The Importance of Emanating Light as a Spiritual Teacher

18:15 Deep Mindfulness Practice and its Impact on Literature

24:05 Liberation and Overcoming Suffering

34:48 Being of Service to Others

37:28 Practical Tips for Starting a Meditation Practice

41:03 Upcoming Projects and Offerings

43:35 Closing Message: Connect with the Light Within

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The Light Within With Swami Nityananda

The Light Within



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