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I'm a multi-disciplinarian. I write by trade, and I teach mindful communication via my own years of mindfulness practice and training along with my years of energy healing all up in the mix. It's my very own magic potion that is lighting up my world and those around me. Come join us! 

As a communications major I've worked in network tv newsrooms for ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates in multiple markets. I honed my skills with communication through journalism. I learned how to research and tell a story with pictures and allow people to share at length. I was born inquisitive and have always been curious. I've always dug deep and have been in inquisition of so much in life. I ask a lot of questions and I love asking questions that many times leave my podcast guests taking a deep breath and even longer pause and going deep right on the spot. 

I ask deep questions about life and the journey that others are not asking and the answers that come up offer revelatory guidance and insights for us all. 

It is my mission through my life's work to share and bring up aspects of ourselves, our struggle and our triumphs out in a way that leave us all feeling moved deeply and heartily touched at our core. I love nothing more than leaving listeners in a  contemplative space of self inquisition with a dose of inspiration,  magic and wisdom that they can apply. Actionable tips and guidance is my M.O. with the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast.  

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I see each day as a beautiful gift to allow awakening, growth, spirit filled joy, purpose and meaning full of love and laughter. 

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Sue Dhillon

Based in California, I'm on a journey to inspire and inquire. I bring you awesomeness and help you light up your  world each and every day. 

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Slow mornings, self improvement, time by the water or out in the country, self reflection, great eats, awesome  reads, wellness, blossoming and laughs!


Hustle culture, artificial people, artificial plants, long emails, bullsh*t, comparison, band-aid fixes, boring anything.

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Gone need be the days when you are having surface level conversations that leave you feeling empty.  Let's go deeper with one another. There is so much more to you and all of those around you. How do you take a load off and have those in your world wanting to listen? How do you listen in a way that deepens the bonds between you and those around you? How do we have more meaningful dialogue that leaves us touched, moved and feeling deeply from a heart centered space? Let me teach you. It's life changing when we show up this way. 



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