Weighted Blankets Vs Weighted Pillows: Which Is Better For Anxiety Relief

As someone who has dealt with anxiety for years, I’m always on the lookout for effective tools to add to my self-care toolkit, so let’s consider weighted blankets vs weighted pillows. Two items that have been shown to have calming effects are weighted blankets and weighted pillows.

weighted pillows vs weighted blankets

I’ve tried both and while they each can offer benefits, I personally have found, that a weighted pillow, like the Quiet Mind pillow I use, offers some distinct advantages over weighted blankets especially when it comes to managing anxiety. Let me break it down for you.

Weighted blankets are exactly what they sound like – blankets filled with weighted beads or pellets to make them heavier than a standard blanket, usually around 15-25 pounds give or take a few pounds. The weight is meant to provide even pressure across your body, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

I have a weighted blanket cause I have tried all of the things to get some sleep and I do like my weighted blanket. It makes me feel very snug and secure like being wrapped in a big hug. However, I find it can be just too cumbersome and restrictive at times, especially since I shift positions a lot in my sleep. It’s also pretty warm, which is nice in the winter but completely intolerable during the hot summer months.

Enter the weighted pillow. Weighted pillows are smaller and typically weigh between 3-5 pounds. They’re designed to provide targeted pressure to specific areas of the body, like the chest, shoulders, or lap.

My Quiet Mind weighted pillow has been an absolute game-changer for my anxiety. Here’s why I think it’s a better option, especially for anxiety relief:

  1. Versatility: Unlike a weighted blanket which covers your whole body, a weighted pillow can be used in a variety of ways. I can place it on my chest or stomach when I’m feeling anxious or needing a little extra sense of calm to help me take deeper breaths. I can lean it up against my shoulder between a backrest, my headboard, or a tall chair. I can even place it on my lap when I’m sitting to help me feel grounded. This versatility means I can use it anytime, anywhere for quick anxiety relief.
  2. Portable: Weighted pillows are much easier to travel with or take on the go. My Quiet Mind pillow has become my constant companion. I keep it in my car for long drives, take it into my home office for long workdays, and even bring it along on trips. Knowing I have this tool readily available helps ease anxiety in all sorts of situations.
  3. Cooler: Because weighted pillows are smaller and used on targeted areas, they don’t trap heat the way a full-size weighted blanket can. This means I use my Quiet Mind pillow year-round without overheating.
  4. Targeted pressure: For many of us, anxiety manifests as tension in our shoulders and chest. Being able to apply targeted pressure to these areas with a weighted pillow can be incredibly soothing. It’s like a portable deep-pressure massage whenever I need it.
  5. Better sleep: I’ve found hugging my weighted pillow at night helps quiet my racing thoughts and lulls me into a deeper, more restful sleep. The gentle weight provides a constant reminder to relax and let go. And because it’s not restrictive like a blanket, I can easily shift positions without losing that comforting pressure.

Of course, everyone is different and some people may prefer the full-body hug of a weighted blanket. But if you’re looking for a versatile, portable go-to option for comfort and offering a sense of calm I highly recommend trying the Quiet Mind weighted pillow.

My Quiet Mind pillow has been a total lifesaver. It’s well-made with a soft, velvety cover and is the perfect weight. If you’re interested, I’ve included a link to check it out for yourself below. Full disclosure, as an affiliate I do receive a small commission at no extra cost to you and if you use this link with the code in the button below you’ll get 15% off. I only ever recommend products I use and love myself.

Remember, managing anxiety and getting a good night’s rest is all about finding the tools and techniques that work best for you. For me, it’s my Quiet Mind.


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Weighted Blankets Vs Weighted Pillows: Which Is Better For Anxiety Relief

weighted pillows vs weighted blankets



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