Who Am I | Answering The Elusive Question

This is an inquiry that has been going on since the beginning of time.

Who am I? Is this something you ever ask yourself?

Where The Question Began? Who Am I?

This idea and concept of “Who Am I?” has been explored by many philosophers, thinkers, scholars, but began in the east with Spiritual Masters in India.

One such master is Ramana Maharshi who discussed the concept of “Who am I?” and presented it as a means of self-inquiry and self-realization.

While the earliest sages and gurus in India who brought this up may have been long gone as it is common knowledge throughout the east that this is an on going exploration since the beginning of time, Maharishi is one of the first to have been documented talking about it.

Famous Indian writer Jidda Krishnamurti wrote a notable book published in 1989 on the subject of “Who am I?” with his work “The Awakening Of Intelligence.” Not only a prolific writer, Krishnamurti is also a renowned spiritual teacher and philosopher.

The book discusses Krishnamurti’s views on the nature of the self, the limitations of self-identification, and the importance of self-inquiry to understand the deeper aspects of the self.

Krishnamurti suggests that identifying with labels, roles, beliefs and memories can create a false sense of identity. He relents that true self understanding comes only through direct self obersvation and self inquiry into the nature of one’s mind.

How To Self Inquire And Get The Most Out Of The Question

Self inquiry is a beautiful process of inward journeying and soul searching. Instead of looking externally for answers and explanations we dive inward.

We in the process gain inevitable clarity and a depth of understanding not only about ourselves, but life in general.

We begin to not only see life with greater depth and meaning, but we begin to trust our own instinctual senses more. We learn that we can trust our own intuitive prowess and don’t have to count on others for validation or the answers we seek.

We also begin to have greater clarity around circumstances around us.

For more on self inquiry or to go deeper download my Ultimate Self Inquisition Guide here.


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Who Am I | Answering The Elusive Question

Who Am I?



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