Master Your Mindset With Vin Infante

Mindset Coach Vin Infante joins us on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast and teaches how to Master your mindset.

Vin Infante, a mental performance coach, shares his journey from being a firefighter to becoming a therapist and mindset coach.

Master Your Mindset

He discusses the limitations of therapy and coaching and emphasizes the importance of combining both modalities to help individuals overcome their past and create a better future. Vin highlights the role of identity in personal transformation and provides practical tips for getting unstuck. He also introduces the concept of the No Bullshit Mission Board, a tool that challenges individuals to actively participate in their lives and pursue their goals with intentionality.

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  • Combining therapy and coaching can provide a more comprehensive approach to personal growth and transformation.
  • Identity plays a crucial role in personal development, and challenging and reshaping one’s identity can lead to significant change.
  • Getting honest with oneself and acknowledging areas of improvement is the first step towards personal growth.
  • Success requires getting one’s life in order and paying attention to the small details.
  • The No Bullshit Mission Board is a practical tool that helps individuals clarify their goals and take action towards achieving them.


00:00Introduction and Background
02:26The Limitations of Therapy and Coaching
05:00The Common Thread Holding People Back
07:11Understanding Identity
11:48Mindset Shift and Personal Transformation
18:05Practical Tips for Getting Unstuck
26:15Achieving Optimal Success
30:15The No Bullshit Mission Board
34:45Closing Message: Stop Settling

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Master Your Mindset With Vin Infante

Master Your Mindset



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