3 Powerful Things I Learned In Therapy

Lessons From Therapy

It’s been a while since I’ve been to any sort of therapy, but there are powerful things I’ve learned from therapy that I carry with me still today.

I’d like to share the 3 most powerful lessons I’ve learned from therapy in hopes it will help.

These days it seems the Podcast, yep that Podcast, the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast is where I get most of my insights and learnings from. I have had so many incredible therapists on the show that have shared incredible insights.

According to Mental Health America or mhanationla.org statistics show 21% of adults are suffering from some form of mental illness, but a far fewer percentage are actually getting treatment or in therapy. And the suicide rate is climbing exponentially in the United States making the need for therapy and finding good resources even more pressing. Suppressing your feelings is never a good idea.

Mental health statistics
Mental Health Stats

No matter how hard it is, know there is help and know there are options for you no matter how dark and lonely it may feel in your despair.

I’ve had my own first hand dealing with suicide and it was a trying and terrible thing. I found my cousin. To say this traumatized me would be an understatement. I was left completely numb, fearful and heartbroken.

I went to therapy for years to help release the trauma of this awful event. And I can sincerely say therapy helped me immensely. I’m not sure I wouldn’t gotten through it without it.

Know that loved ones are generally always there for you, but you can only talk to them so much and so intently for limited periods of time about trauma.

They are trained to be receptive in ways that will help you overcome the trauma so instead when we share with friends and family instead of a therapist we end up feeling neglected and walk with a sense of our emotions just not being tended to in the way they need to be.

Your therapist on the other hand is trained to do exactly this and help elevate you out of the rut you might find yourself in.

3 Powerful Things I’ve Learned From Therapy

  1. The greatest thing I’ve learned from therapy is that simply put the help is out there. If you don’t feel like you’ve got someone in your inner circle or you just feel the need to talk over a traumatic thing or just share a struggle or whatever you’d like rally that may be nawing at you there is help. So this first notion one not being alone or having someone you can talk to, share with, without judgement is there.
  2. The importance of sharing. It so necessary. So many of us struggle to share deeply because we are afraid of judgement or feeling vulnerable or displaying vulnerability because it makes us look week. No judgement here, but this is especially the case for men although I love that we are turning the corner here with this.
  3. There are answers and it will get better. So talking about this definitely helps. Much like journaling your are able to release and get things off your chest. This is the critical component to being more empowered, carrying less baggage and feeling healed and resolved from whatever struggles or challenges have presented themselves to you.

How I Use Lessons From Therapy In My Everyday Life

One of the most powerful things I’ve learned in therapy is the power of listening. Listening is so vital to build and sustain relationships of all kinds in our life. Listening is a key component to the mindful communication I teach and listening is so critical for each and everyone of us.

I’ve learned the power of showing up for those around us by simply lending a compassionate ear.

Listening awakens us to a deeper experience and more elevated levels of connection with all of those around us. Finding the power in having my own heart listened to without judgement showed me the immense importance of listening to those around me.

Listen in to one of the most downloaded episodes of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast – Compassionate Listening With Susan Partnow.

therapy lessons

3 Incredible Therapists Who Shared Powerful Insights On The Podcast

  • Katherine Jansen-Byrkit – A top notch holistic therapist she is a big proponent of relatability to help cultivate connection with clients during her therapy sessions.
  • Maira Holzmann – She talks powerfully about Trauma and how to elevate you own mind body connection so you can begin to heal. She also shares powerful insights into emotional neglect and how we can begin healing childhood wounds. She is a somatic therapist.
  • Mary Joye – an extraordinary clinician who specializes in breaking habits of co-dependence. She offers focus based solutions that help therapy patients rewrite the narrative.

If You Are Looking For Great Therapy Start Here

As you know I’m a huge proponent of Mental wellness and ensuring we all get the help we need when we need it. And of course, I don’t want you just to get any help I want you to get the right help so I am now sponsored by BetterHelp. 

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Be sure to check out this post on Somatic Therapy or this post on Wakefulness With Holistic Therapist Katherine Jansen-Byrkit and for some really awesome insights be sure to check out the self help section of the Book shop.


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3 Powerful Things I Learned In Therapy



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