7 Unconventional Ways To Work On Yourself

Of course you have to work on yourself cause that’s where it all happens. This has to always be a part of any soul growth journey. And you know ultimately it’s all about leveling up and elevating.

Working on yourself often involves a combination of self-reflection, personal development, and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.

work on yourself

Here are seven unconventional or “out of the box” ways to work on yourself:

#1 Way To Work On Yourself

Travel or Cultural Exchange:

  • Spending time in a different culture, whether through travel or living abroad is one of the most powerful ways to go deeper in life. Immersing yourself in a new environment broadens your perspective, challenges your assumptions, and enhances your ability to adapt. You begin to see the world and everyone in it with much greater connectedness.

#2 On The List

Volunteer for Unfamiliar Causes:

  • Seva is the sankrit word for service and it’s one of the most incredible ways to work on yourself. Engaging in volunteer work for causes especially that are outside of your usual interests is eye-opening and transformative. It exposes you to new people, challenges, and experiences and fosters personal growth and a sense of deeper purpose.

#3 Is Powerful And You Might Already Be Doing It

Practice Mindfulness through Unconventional Activities:

  • Mindfulness is not just sitting in meditation, but can be incorporated in to so much more of what you might already be doing. You can exercise mindfulness through unconventional activities like painting, rock climbing, or even cooking. These activities can be a form of meditation and help cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness. You just have to learn to bring total awareness to the activity and be all there with it.

4th On The List Is So Fun

Learn a New Art or Craft:

  • More and more data is starting to show that taking on a creative project has immense benefits for our overall well being. Take up a creative pursuit you’ve never tried before, like sculpting, improv acting, or glassblowing. Learning a new art form can stimulate your mind, enhance your problem-solving skills, and provide a unique channel for self-expression.

#5 Way To Work On Yourself

Experiment with Different Fitness Practices:

  • Go beyond traditional exercises and explore unconventional fitness practices like aerial yoga, parkour, or even circus arts. These activities offer physical benefits and also challenge your coordination and boost your confidence.

#6 Will Really Level You Up

Join or Start a Meetup for Uncommon Interests:

  • Find or start a meetup group centered around an unusual or niche interest. Stepping outside of your norm will introduce you to people with different perspectives and passions. This will help you grow socially and intellectually.

Last But Not Least #7 Is Super Out Of The Box

Participate in a Mystery or Escape Room:

  • This one is very unconventional, but is gaining major popularity. Engage in a real-life escape room experience. These challenges require teamwork, problem-solving, and quick thinking. This provides a fun and interactive way to enhance your cognitive skills and interpersonal skills.

Bonus Way To Work On Yourself

You know I’ve got you covered in terms of leveling up so be sure to download my free 28 page contemplative workbook. The Ultimate Self-Inquisition Guide is my signature creation that will help you work on yourself in a major way. This workbook will teach you the art of self-inquiry. You will learn to sit in self-inquisition and start to go inward and contemplate through a series of questions why you feel stuck, where you need clarity, how to go deeper, learn to trust your own intuitive guidance and more. It’s a transformative guide that will help you fast track your soul journey. Get it for free. Instant access. Start now and have that incredible self-discovery you’ve always imagined for yourself. Click the button in the image.

ultimate self-inquisition guide

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7 Unconventional Ways To Work On Yourself

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