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Perfect Mediation Space

The perfect mediation space needs a few good things.

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Decor For The Perfect Meditation Space

So let’s talk about the perfect meditation space and everything it should entail. The perfect meditation space needs certain things. Pick the spot in your home where you feel most relaxed. Perhaps that’s a little corner in your room or a part of your office space. Maybe it’s the kitchen nook that brings in the most beautiful magical morning hues and soft light that can serve as a two-for-one – meditation space by dawn and breakfast nook by daylight.

Wherever that space is for you, you know what feels right and what is optimal in your situation. Perhaps you have the luxury of converting an entire room into a meditation space which does not necessarily mean you need more things to fill. It can be void of a lot of things and clutter and just hold the essentials for the perfect morning or evening, or if you’re like me morning and evening, meditation space.

I’ll get into my exact repertoire of meditation tools I use and have in my mediation space. There a few essential items, but for a meditation space we can have a variety of things –

Something I keep around are candles and while I don’t necessarily light these while I’m meditating it brings an airiness and magic to the room to have them on before and after.

Aromatherapy Candles
Aromatherapy Candles

Also I keep crystals in my meditation space for the obvious reason – the energy they hold and bring to a space. I also have a lava lamp which I do sometimes have on especially in the evening cause generally I like meditating in very dim almost dark light so it’s before the sun comes up or after it goes down.

My meditation space serves a two-fold purpose – it is my meditation space and my prayer room where I also have a shrine and keep other little trinkets, pictures of my gurujis, flowers, and this sage or the one below, more candles, prayer beads, tuning whistle and this beautiful altar table.

Selenite Sage Bundle

You want a comfortable chair or back jack more on the breakdown of actual mediation essentials, but for a mediation space – a few little things like this and this can enhance any meditation room no matter where it is in your house.

And remember it’s a meditation space so we don’t necessarily want to overload it with too many things.

Getting Started With Meditation And This Guided Meditation

If you are a newbie then a I have few tips for getting started –

  • Start with 3 to 5 minutes for one week
  • Don’t worry about turning your mind off – that’s a myth
  • Just let thoughts come and let them go

Check out this post for beginning meditation.

This guided meditation will have you going deep. It’s my very own guided meditation I created for you if you are looking to let go and release some hurts, wounds or pain you’ve been fostering inside.

It’s my Deep Trance Guided Meditation you can listen to here or download my bliss energy flow guided mediation here.

Begin With These Meditation Space Essentials

As far as meditation essentials go there are few things that are my absolute go to items always.

Those items are this beautiful and very comfortable backpack that promotes and helps with sitting on the floor for long periods giving your back and bottom the support it needs.

Meditation Back Jack
Meditation Back Jack

Next up on my list is this meditation blanket. It’s essential during meditation to be completely comfortable. You want to go in with the intention for sitting for a long period of time which means you do not want to feel cold and there’s nothing like a beautiful meditation blanket to throw over your legs or shoulders to ensure you are comfy and cozy. I generally keep the room fairly cool. I also may meditate outside even in the winter months as the winter cool can be exhilarating for an early morning meditation.

This handwoven cotton meditation blanket is my favorite, but I do have a cashmere blanket for the cool cool winter months.

To prepare your immune system for the winter months checkout this post here.

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And if you haven’t already then listen into the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast where I host incredible teachers, trainers, authors, healers, doctors and experts sharing amazing self help and wellness tips. You will walk away contemplating and very likely inspired!

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