Exploring Metaphysical Concepts With Suzanne Munson

Exploring Metaphysical Concepts with Suzanne Munson. We are talking metaphysics on the latest episode of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast via an historian and psychic medium who has channeled the spirit of the late Thomas Jefferson for Munson’s latest book.

What Are Metaphysical Concepts

It entails so much. The idea is so broad.

Metaphysical concepts are ideas that go beyond the physical world. They are often used in philosophy, religion, and spirituality to explore the nature of reality and our place in the universe. Some common metaphysical concepts include the soul, fate, destiny, karma, reincarnation, and God. While these concepts are not always easy to understand, they can provide insights into the nature of existence and our relationship to the cosmos. For millennia, metaphysical concepts have been used as a way to make sense of the world and our place in it. Today, metaphysical concepts continue to offer a unique perspective on the human experience.

What Is Metaphysical Channeling

Metaphysical channeling is the process of receiving guidance and Divine intelligence from a non-physical source. Listen in here to my conversation Channeling Wisdom With Serge And Kris. Channeling is a way of tapping into the power of the Universe and connecting with your higher self, your guides, and other beings of light.

Metaphysical channeling is not just about receiving information; it is also about opening up to new possibilities and making positive changes in your life. When you are open to metaphysical channeling, you are opening yourself up to limitless possibilities. You can receive guidance on anything from your career to your relationships, and you can truly start living the life you have always dreamed of.

If you are seeking guidance or wisdom on a certain issue, metaphysical channeling can be an incredibly powerful tool. All you need to do is relax, clear your mind, and focus on your question. Then, simply allow the answers to flow through you. Remember, there is no wrong way to channel; just go with whatever feels right for you. Trust that the Universe will guide you to the information or assistance that you need.

Some of famous channelers here in the states would be Abraham Hicks who channels Esther and Jerry Hicks.

And a groundbreaking work from the late 60’s did just that – It’s called – Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity Of The Soul

Metaphysics With Suzanne Munson

However we are going to narrow it down to a conversation via a medium with a polarizing figure who has a deep and dare I say dark past.

On episode #76 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast I’m talking to Author and Historian Suzanne Munson. We talk about her most recent book

Sue Munson is an author and historian and we are talking about her recent book, The Metaphysical Thomas Jefferson.

The book is a breakthrough work where Munson via a psychic medium channels late President Thomas Jefferson.

               Check her out at her website here.

The premise of the book is essentially – what questions would you ask Thomas Jefferson if you could reach him.

Allegedly she has done just that with the help of a medium who channels the spirit Jefferson to ask him questions about the presidency, higher eduction, the military, religion, slavery and race relations.

According to her findings it seems Jefferson’s spirit has progressed with the times. He expresses concern about the political state of the world and the nation and regrets about his own shortcomings with slavery and race relations.

Munson claims the rumors that have haunted Jefferson for hundreds of years and the idea that he could potentially return to offer explanation for his shortcomings and failures is validated through her research and book.

She validates that his thinking has progressed with times and his he has evolved despite the fact that he’s been gone for decades.

It’s an interesting concept.

For another deep dive into the metaphysical listen in to my exchange with Dr. Betty Kovaks talking Altered States Of Consciousness.


To check out some cool metaphysical items in the shop head here.

Or be sure to check out this article on the coolest Metaphysical Stores Near Me.


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Exploring Metaphysical Concepts With Suzanne Munson

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