Why Are We Here | The Answer

why are we here
what is the meaning of life

Why are we here? This is the question many have pondered since the beginning of time. Well I’ve got an answer for you. I had the delightful pleasure of having an incredibly insightful conversation with a spiritual seeker and spiritual master, Jonathan Robinson. He has spent a lifetime in search of this very answer. He has been in search of this answer for decades and he has gone to the greatest spiritual masters for the answer.

What Are The Commonalities We All Share?

There are certain commonalities we all share.

The commonalities

We all want love.

We all want to serve.

What Are The Two Questions That Will Help Answer The Question – Why Are We Here?

The Two Questions –

  1. How much did you love while you were on earth? How did you show and express love?
  2. Did you live your earthly purpose? Did you do what you came here to do? Did you use your God given gifts and talents? Did you live your purposely fully and completely?

An insightful write up from the Harvard Business Review on Why Are We Here?

A Near Death Experience Sheds Light On This Very Question

This information came to Jonathan by way of a near death experience where he was clinically dead for 3 minutes.

And as many others who’ve had near death experiences Jonathan was given the answers through a wave of cosmic heavenly bliss while having touched the other side.

He’s been on the Oprah show several times and he was on the Oprah show one particular time with a host of other guests who also had near death experiences.

They all shared the same experience of having been asked these same questions.

Watch my interview with Jonathan Robinson below.


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Why Are We Here | The Answer

why are we here



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