The Greatest Mental Health Quote

The greatest mental health quote is more of a statement. It’s interesting that I’ve had so many conversations around mental health up to this point, but this was the first time someone said this in this way that made realize the profundity of it.

Mental Health Quote

The depth with which my incredible guest Aaron Huey spoke was prolific. He had a deep sense of purpose and embodied so much love and passion in his words, his speech, his carriage.

He had a deeper sense of awareness. He is a martial artist after all and martial arts does give us deep insight in this very grounded and centered way. We have more understanding and we have more patience. We see with a depth of perspective that others do not. We quite often are also through the practice of martial arts gifted with foresight that allows us to show up for others and avoid cataclysmic happenstance if possible.

By this I mean we arrive and we read the room, the energy. We sense and feel who is in need and we can sense and feel turmoil many times before it erupts. And quite often we can aid and abet in quelling eruptive situations beforehand because of this deeper knowing.

And now on to the greatest mental health quote that far supersedes anything else you can say to someone who is stuck, struggling or facing challenge right now – “Are you ok?”

Yes. That’s it. It’s that simple. It’s candidly simple. The complexities we add to things in life many times are just our own stuff we bring to the fore, our own not knowing how to deal, how to show up for someone.

It’s as simple as that. If you find someone in need or having anxiety or feeling lost or scared – simply ask “Are you ok?”

Now here’s where it gets tricky – beyond this question – say nothing. Be quiet. Shut up and listen.

Ask sincerely as if you care to hear and are comfortable with the discomfort of what this person might share. “Are you ok?”

What happens when we do this for someone and say nothing else is truly remarkable. Most times the person’s response is nothing like what we’d anticipate.

This is the question they’ve been waiting their whole life for someone to ask with sincerity matched with the capacity to listen. Listening the most powerful form of communication. Watch my video here on listening.

My conversation with Aaron Huey will be up soon. It’s by far one of my favorite conversations I’ve had on the show thus far.

A Great Resource For Someone Struggling With Mental Health

If you’re interested in learning more about online therapy, I recommend checking out BetterHelp. They offer online therapy sessions with licensed therapists at an affordable price point.

As you know I’m a huge proponent of mental wellness and ensuring we all get the help we need when we need it. And of course, I don’t want you just to get any help I want you to get the right help so I am now sponsored by BetterHelp. 

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My Favorite Mental Health Conversations From The Podcast

I’ve had the pleasure of having so many powerful conversations and learning so much from the experts I’ve had on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast.

For more insights listen in here to my exchange with Phyllis Leavitt. Phyllis has been offering therapy for nearly for 40 years to victims of trauma and abuse. She has a book coming out soon titled – America In Therapy. She suggests we as a nation are in need of collective therapy. You can listen in to that conversation below –

Another powerful conversation about mental health is with Dr. Kat Peoples. Dr. Kat is an exceptional advocate for mental wellness as a practicing therapist for nearly two decades. She says that all of our triggers today most times have nothing to do with what on the surface in this moment may seem like the trigger. That reaction is a trigger to something hurtful from our past that went unaddressed. She helps people trace back their triggers so they can heal and be less reactive now and in the future. Listen to the entire conversation below – 

Along these same lines of being with someone fully, listening powerfully I offer you a great gift – Susan Partnow. Susan is a peacemaker and has been doing this good grand work all over the world in regions of conflict for nearly 40 years. Her resume and experience is extensive and impressive to say the least. I had a beautifully insightful and dynamic conversation with her on the podcast and this episode continues to be one of my most downloaded of all time. Episode #9 Compassionate Listening – listen in below – 


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The Greatest Mental Health Quote

Mental Health Quote



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