The Best Meditation Music

The best meditation music could be very subjective or you could kind of make my word for it since I’m a meditation practitioner who’s been doing this for decades.

I’m generally meditating in silence, but I do I have a list of favorites when I want some music for my meditation. It’s fair to say I’ve done my fair share of meditating without music, but with music as well.

Best Meditation Music

Music without lyrics is extremely meditative. It’s powerful and can transport you to a space of depth and tranquility perhaps more than even just silent meditation, but those are two different things so not to compare. They each have enormous benefits and bring great calm and peace to the mind in their own way.

Music during your meditation can put you in a trance like state and is very conducive to going deep.

Here’s My List For The Best Meditation Music

Here is my breakdown of the very best meditation music.

  • Yellow Brick Cinema – 24/7 Live stream – this is youtube’s offering of an around the clock live stream of deep mindfulness music that promotes calm and tranquility.
  • – Aura has thousands of meditation experts that offer guided meditations. The app suggests it will, “Transform your wellbeing, sleep, and life with the personalized, all-in-one app for emotional health.”
  • – Zen Radio offers a range of relaxing channels with blends of relaxing music, atmospheric dreams, study music, deep concentration, stress relief and more.

Another Great Resource For The Avid Meditators

So it’s no surprise I’ve been writing about, talking about and sharing about meditation for a long time.

If you want a guided meditation check out this post here or check out my very own Bliss Guided Meditation. It’s a 10 minute guided mediation I’ve put together. I walk you through it step by step. Get the instant download here.

And if you need guidance with beginning meditation check out this post or if you want to set up the perfect meditation check out this post here.

I’ve got my favorite gadgets and absolute favorite place for mindfulness tools that are a cut above the rest.

And for bonus measure here is a guided meditation I put together for those wanting to go really deep.

Deep Trance Guided Meditation

Be sure to check out Renoo. They are a cut above the rest.


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The Best Meditation Music

Best Meditation Music



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