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Laughter To Heal And Thrive With Laura Potter

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We’ve all heard the saying don’t take life too seriously. 

Occupational therapist Laura Potter embodies this with her life, her therapy practice and her patients. 

As a creative, she knows the power of tapping into our own divine creativity to live more powerfully and abundantly so she founded  Simply Creative Therapy as a means to teach people more powerful ways to heal and recover. 

She has found through her work as an occupational therapist that her approach of lightheartedness helps the recovery process along in powerful ways. 

Those who take this approach heal and recover faster. 

She is an embodiment of this. She says through traumas in her own life she found that life is not too be taken so seriously. Things happen, but the focus is in the comeback and how we tackle that hard stuff. 

Occupational Therapist Laura Potter

Laura shares with us how to do it powerfully with love, laughter and joy. This way ultimately lends itself to a better and healthier way of being and arriving at that ultimate destination – our wellness and overall well being. 

It is what we are all striving for. 

We of course had some great laughs meshed with her innate sense of wisdom and practical tips for those needing inspiration. 

Join us for this awesome exchange on Episode #18 of The Blossom Your Awesome Podcast.

To check out Laura’s writing click here. 

And to get in touch with here – email her here.

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