The Most Powerful Life Lesson From A Monk

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So there are life lessons and then there are powerful ones from the likes of a monk. The most powerful life lesson from a monk offers a glimpse into the wisdom we all hope to attain.

A monk is perhaps one of the greatest teachers we can encounter because it seems that leading a monastic life is very much for the purpose of soul growth and soul evolution. It seems to be the whole reason for being. The very essence life it seems is for figuring this all out.

Seth Monk Gives Us Powerful Insight Into The Meaning Of Life

Life Lessons From A Monk

He believes life is for our evolution. We are here on a soul journey that is an individual journey for each and every one of us.

What Is The Most Powerful Thing About Life He Learned As A Monk

Seth Monk tells me the most powerful thing he learned about life and living is the power of the mind.

He says this is the most empowering thing we need to know and understand. As a monk who has spent years in solitude and quietude he has had ample time for reflecting on life, the meaning of it all and what it means to be human.

Suffering is one of the things that is at the crux of the human experience and Seth believes it’s beginning to understand the mind that can be the most empowering thing.

When we understand the power of the mind and our own innate power to control the mind we have the ability to free ourselves of unnecessary suffering. He says there is enough suffering in life that is not in our control, but we can control unnecessary suffering by learning to control the mind.

Life Lesson From A Monk

What Is The Most Powerful Life Guidance He Can Offer Us As A Monk

How do we begin to discover our true authentic self?

This is why we are all here. We are all trying to understand the meaning of life. Seth shares that the quietude allowed him to consider who he is? That elusive question – “who am I?”

Many sadhus and yogis and spiritual teachers have contemplated on this and presented it as something that we all should consider?

Who are we? Who are we really? At our core, our most authentic selves.

Uncover and unpack that and you will be fee of ego and attachments and things that keep us from living a more authentic life. This is the powerful guidance Seth had to offer.

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The Most Powerful Life Lesson From A Monk

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